Unannounced house showing

I was not originally going to post today.  I didn’t have a specific topic in mind so I was just going to skip today.  I was sitting at my desk and I had paid some bills and was working on a travel budget, looking up campgrounds for areas we want to visit, etc. when I my doorbell rang.  It was 10:30am and I am a bit embarrassed that I was still in my pajamas.  Didn’t think I was having company.  Had no where to be until my lunch date with a friend.  Imagine my surprise when it was a realtor with a client, who, after seeing I was still in my pajamas, apologized for being 15 mintues early!  I was like “I was unaware of a showing today, I’m sorry”.  Anyway, after chatting, we decided I would get dressed and take my dog out and they didn’t care if my laundry was on the basement floor.  So, I scrambled around, making the bed, getting the laundry off the floor (they might not have minded but I did), and scooped the cat boxes before letting them in.  I went out with the dog to allow them to see the house alone.  Thankfully it doesn’t get too bad with just Bill and I, but I do have a minimal list of things I like to do before a showing.

My friend Tracy has a section on each of her blog entries called “Lessons Learned” and while I do not intend to copy-cat her idea at all, even though I LOVE it, I did learn today that first thing in the morning I need to do the minimal items and get dressed before doing anything else for the day.

So, my lunch date is here and we are heading out – so til we meet again…

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