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Good morning all!

I just added a new section or page to my blog!  I’m so excited that I figured it out!  I did have a bit of help and I want to thank Tracy for that!  It’s called “Foodies Welcome”.  I want to add 2 separate subsections to that page, which I have not fully figured out yet, but the hope is that I will be able to share our “Eating In” and  “Eating Out” experiences.

Since we are talking about new sections, I just wanted to explain how to get to the new pages.  I am sure a large majority of you will already know this, but please indulge me for a few moments because some of you (like me!) might be new to this whole blog thing and need a little help to find the pages I am adding.  Since I chose what WordPress calls a “minimalist” theme, the way to get to the other pages is by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner.  That will open up where the new pages are.  Sorry if that is completely obvious and didn’t need to be said, but to be honest, I’m not sure if it would have been obvious to me (plus Bill couldn’t find it) so I figured it was worth the risk of completely over-explaining and just saying it.

Now that I got that out of the way, another section or I guess page I want to eventually add is “The Man Cave” and then have a couple subsections under that.  Bill doesn’t have time right now with this work thing he is still doing to spend time on it, but I am thinking it will be about man things like fuel, mileage, maintenance, modifications, stuff like that.   This section or page might take a while to get up and running, but I wanted any guys out there to know there will be stuff for them too!

Well, I gotta run for now – household chores are calling my name – UGH!  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my house, but it is just TOO big and takes TOO long to clean!  I vacuumed my new home in about 10 minutes with my little Dyson stick vac.  LOVE it!  Takes me more than an hour to vacuum the house!  Which would you prefer?  Should be a no-brainer!  Just one more reason for the upcoming downsizing!

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  1. Like you, I much rather clean the 5er…although back in the S&B I had a cleaning lady that came every 2 weeks. I tried to get her to travel with us…but she wouldn’t come 🙂

  2. I’ve enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good work. I agree with you and Pam. It is MUCH easier to clean the 5er! And, like Pam, I use to have a cleaning lady but she wouldn’t travel with us either! LOL! I was at the rally too but didn’t have a chance to meet you. Have safe travels!

  3. I have never had a cleaning lady – I am a bit “weird” about letting people in my house! Plus, being the stay-at-home Mom for years, part of that was just automatically being the cleaning lady!

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