Our Stuff’s New Home!

I had mentioned the other day that this past Sunday we had gone to my bro-in-laws and got the land ready for our shipping container.   A layer of blue stone was put down for the container to go on, so it didn’t sit directly on the ground.  This is mostly to keep water away from the bottom of it, as the floors are wood.  I don’t know why they don’t make the floors metal like the rest of it, but they don’t.  Yesterday, I drove back to NJ and after waiting for almost 3 hours (the “window” for delivery was 11am to 1pm, so I (hating to be late) arrived at 10:30am and the driver, of course, was a half hour late!) the container finally arrived.  The driver left the truck in the street and walked back to “get the lay of the land” and get a strategy on how to get it where we wanted it.  John already has a container for his stuff, and our’s was to go right next to it.

Container Delivery (2)

Container Delivery (5)

It took longer than I expected.  I thought it would be like 30 minutes and I’d be on my way back home, but it wasn’t that easy.  Sunday there had been discussion between Bill and John about taking out this one tree.  Bill was concerned the driver might not be able to swing enough to get the container straight and turns out that was what happened.

Container Delivery (29)

So, while it is there, it isn’t quite on the spot the way we had hoped.

container delivery 2 (16)

Bill says we can move it with a “come along”.  I have no idea what that is, but John has one, so one more thing to do before we can move things into it.

I was quite fascinated by the whole process and took a bunch of pics.  The truck itself is very cool, they can move the back wheels back and forth to change how the weight is distributed.  That became important b/c the ground was soft from being wet, and the blue stone wasn’t packed down yet.

Container Delivery (20)

Container Delivery (22)

Container Delivery (21)

I had brought pressure treated 4×4’s to put under it so it was up off the ground a bit, which is for air circulation and the truck driver placed them.

Container Delivery (31)

and then the whole thing just slid off the truck!

container delivery 2 (8)

Container Delivery (32)


and came to rest in its new home!

Container Delivery (38)

It’s pretty big inside – although I am sure we will fill it up!

Container Delivery (37)

So, even though I know John probably won’t read my blog, just b/c he doesn’t go on the computer much at all, I would like to thank him for allowing us to put this on his land.  It gives me peace of mind knowing our stuff will be in a safe location and I won’t have to worry about it!

So, Bill and I are one step closer!  It is so exciting!  Today I have to come up with a plan for arranging our stuff so it all fits and we can still access most of it if we want/need to.  I think it might be time for some paper and scissors!

After that, I think the grass in the front needs to be cut AGAIN!  UGH!

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  1. Kelly, what a great start. Wishing you and Bill the best. Morris and I will follow your blog closely from our Primary Home here in DE.
    We love our ‘Condo On Wheels’, and maybe we can park next to one another again in the future (with our same full-body paint decor). Hugs to the furry babies.

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