Niece/Goddaughter Jaime’s Rutgers GRADUATION!

The proud and very happy Godparents with the Graduate!

Yesterday was a very special day in the life of a very special woman.  I remember well the day she was born.  Her name is Jaime and she is my brother’s daughter.  As close as I am to my niece (on Bill’s side), Angela, and to my cousin’s daughter, my oldest Goddaughter, Quynn, Jaime is the firstborn to one of my siblings.  The hospital she was born in had VERY strict rules about who could be in the room with the newborn babies and, even as an aunt, I didn’t make the cut.  I was so upset and so disappointed that they wanted me to look at her through a glass window like some stranger!  I literally begged (I have no shame at all when it comes to being with my family!) until the nurse finally agreed that while I happened to be standing in the hallway, they would wheel her by in the bassinet and I could catch a peek at her as they walked by.  I am getting teared up as I am remembering this, but they paused just long enough for me to lean down and give her a little kiss on her tiny little head and my Mom snapped a picture.  Hope she doesn’t hate me for posting this:

Baby Jaime with Aunt Kelly

And now yesterday, I teared up again as I watched her walk to receive her DOUBLE DEGREE, one in Psychology and one in Accounting.  I know it is a strange blend, but she loved both and couldn’t decide so she went for both.  She is VERY smart – scored a 2240 out of 2400 on her SAT’s.   Our entire family is so proud of her!  After the ceremony was over, my brother took us to lunch at their favorite diner, the Red Oak.

More pics:

walking in
Proud Dad and Grandparents with the Graduate!

It was truly one of those wonderful days.  The kind of day that just makes you smile!  Jaime has worked so hard, it was really great to see her rewarded for all her efforts!  I know whatever she does in her life, she will do well and be successful at it!  CONGRAT’S to my beautiful niece!


In other news, Bill and I also brought our new bikes home.  My brother works at a bicycle shop and got us a really good deal on some bikes for us to take on our travels.  It took (what seemed like) forever to figure out the bike rack, but Bill wasn’t about to let it get the best of him.  We will need to purchase an extender for the hitch that also adds height b/c the CR-V hitch is very low to the ground.  Oh well, what’s another $50?  If we don’t get it, we really can’t use the bike rack, so we really don’t have much choice.  It’s been a long time since I have ridden a bike on a regular basis, so this should be interesting.  Next step before actually taking them out for a ride is helmet shopping.  UGH – helmet head!  But, better that than the alternative, yes?

Chat again soon!

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  1. I totally understand the love for the first born niece/nephew…mine was a nephew.
    Because I worked at the hospital, I was allowed to sit at the nurses’ station as he was delivered (and I was listening to Christmas carols, as he was a Christmas Eve baby).

    As far as bicycles, don’t worry…the saying is true, it’s just like tying your shoes, you never forget how…

    1. Hi Pam! I also have a nephew, he also has a special place in my heart – he is my sister’s son.
      And about the bike: when we went to see them, I did ride it to try it out – was very strange as I hadn’t been on a bike in a LONG time, but I managed!

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