Ok, I realize that might be an odd title since I haven’t really gone anywhere.  Not physically at least.  But, in my crazy head, my usual, optimistic, upbeat, ready to take on the world self was somewhere in the background the last few days.  Monday (the 19th) was by far the worst, and I’ve been gradually doing better since.  I realize everyone has those days (or more) when they aren’t feeling as good as they can, and I guess this week it was my turn.  Wednesday, I FINALLY got out of the house.  I took my hubby to lunch, did food shopping for my party and got in a very small dose of retail therapy, in the form of a new purse:


It’s amazing how a purse can just make me smile!  I bought it at Kohls (one of my fav places for shopping!)  You never pay full price there for anything.  The original price said $59.  Now – even as cute as it is, I would NEVER pay that much!  So, it was on sale for 50% off, down to $29.50.  Then I had $10 in Kohls cash – new total $19.50.  THEN I had a 30% off coupon – so with tax $14.46!  Can’t beat that!  The bargain price I paid for it is almost as good as having the new purse!

I stopped into Lowes yesterday also, to return something for hubby.  While there I asked if they could cut and bind the area rug I had bought there that turned out to be too big.  They don’t do it there, but they recommended a place to call and I will be bringing my rug there next week!  The rug is for the 5th wheel.  While I do love it (the 5th wheel), it is very brown, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE brown, but it needs some brightening up, so I found this great area rug.  Even got it on clearance!  But, when we brought it to the RV, it was clearly too big for the space 🙁  Now, I can mark where it needs to be cut and bring it to Carpet Mart and they will take care of it for $1.50 per linear foot.  Will probably cost me under $15 to customize it for the space I want it for!  How cool is that?  A few new pillows for the couch in some matching colors and brighter it will be!

New rug!
New rug!


So, I was typing this post (on Thursday the 22nd) when it got to be time for me to leave for my pedicure appointment.  I had a gift card to Bell Tower (a Day Spa) so I decided to use it!   And, I figured a pedicure would go a long way to continuing me getting back to my usual cheerful self.  Bill had taken the CR-V and left me the truck.

So, I don’t know how many of you follow the news, but I heard that Reading PA made the national news this past week due to a HUGE hail storm that went through the area.  The exact area where I took my “new to us” truck to get my pedicure.  So, guess what comes next – you got it!  Our “new to us” truck is all banged up!  To say we are upset is a huge understatement!  LOOK!

Hail Storm 5-22-2014 (2)
hood of the truck
Hail Storm 5-22-2014 (3)
another view of the hood

So, I am still a bit in shock and just furious about this new “glitch”.  We have good insurance to get it fixed, but it’s just another “thing.”  UGH!

Good news is my family is arriving a bit at a time, and I will be spending the weekend with them!  YAY!

Sorry if I have been a “Debbie-downer” this week, I guess we all get to take a turn at it, but no more, I am back and looking for the silver linings once again!

I’m BACK part 2:

Today is Memorial Day.  Thank you to all the people who gave of themselves so generously to keep us free!

My computer got all clogged up and I never got to hit “publish” so I am just adding on and I guess this will be a long post.  Oh well!

My parents arrived on Friday and the party prep got into full gear!  Potato salad and cole slaw were made, hot dog/hamburger buns were bought, sangria ingredients were double checked – we were ready!

My parents live in FL full-time now and we hadn’t seen them since we were down there in January.  They were excited b/c 3 out of 4 grandkids would be arriving the next day!

So, after we were up and moving Saturday morning and everyone got their showers, Bill heard an alarm noise coming from the basement.  Another glitch!  Damn – when it rains – it POURS!  The water heater had sprung a leak!  Nothing a trip to Home Depot and $400 couldn’t fix!  Thankfully the old one was still under warranty and we will get most of that back!

New Water Heater
New Water Heater

Saturday did turn out to be a most amazing day!  Both my kids were here, which I think it’s been almost a year since the 4 of us have been together at the same time!  TOO LONG!

Memorial Day weekend (20)
The Murray’s!
This one includes our daughter-in-law-to-be!
This one includes our daughter-in-law-to-be!

The weather was completely cooperative!  Beautiful sun!  Perfect temps!

Sadly, my nephew couldn’t be here, due to a new job working for a landscaper, my brother and his fiancee both had to work also. 🙁  They were missed, but we were thinking of them!

My sister, Shannon was here, as well as niece Jaime and her BF Matt, our BFF’s Linda and Jim came from north Jersey.  Cousin June and her hubby Don came, meeting all of us for the first time!  Well, she had met Bill before, when they were kids, but she and I became friends on FB and I was so glad they could come!  Friends Lisa and Matt walked all the way here!

Bill had parked the 5th Wheel in the driveway so we could show it off to anyone who hadn’t seen it yet.  Most were very surprised at how large it is inside and how much space we have for all our belongings.  Having it in the driveway also gave me a chance to hang some pics!  I had to do a little more “depersonalizing” inside the house, so these are some of the pics that were relocated:

My kids!
My kids!

Now if we could just sell this house!  We ended up dropping the price $5000, and we have another Open House scheduled for next Sunday, so we shall see what happens!

So, tying back into the original post, I’m back to my usual self!  In spite of the new glitches.  I am generally an easy going kind of person, I take things as they come, in stride, roll with it.  Those few days kicked my butt!  Since I don’t like getting my butt kicked – I had to move on from that!

Thanks for hanging in with me!


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  1. I can’t believe your truck! I would just cry. But I do LOVE your rug. I got one to add some color as soon as we got ours too. The colors you got are great! Great family pic. Cheer up!

    1. Believe me, I did cry, along with the others in the parking lot as we all saw our vehicles for the first time! The only good part for me is I didn’t have any broken glass! Most of the cars did!
      Thanks! I love the family pic and my rug too! Just got it cut to fit yesterday! Its going to look great!

  2. Kelly, I LOVE that rug!!! It looks like the very description you gave me when we were in ‘our’ ‘Landmark RV’ – (our Condo On Wheels.) LOVE those colors and the design in it. Are you placing it in the center of the Lounge Area?
    So sorry about your truck. Hope you can get it in, fixed and back out quickly.
    Still praying you and Bill sell your home.
    My user name for this site will be ‘little dove’, all lower case, but I’m having trouble getting this site to accept it. So look for my email: ayh1974@live.com or the user name: little dove to be replying to your posts.
    Hugs to you, Bill and the furry babies.

    1. Elizabeth Anne – thank you for checking out my blog! Yes the rug will going in the lounge area. I had 9 inches cut off so it will fit in nicely now! I will be on the look-out for purple, red and gold pillows to match – it will be so ME! That plus the pics of my kids! I am very grateful Bill is very good about letting me decorate the way I like – he is very flexible!
      Hope you are feeling ok!

      1. Kelly, have you checked Wal-Mart for pillows? They have purple and also a bright, vivid orange throw pillows in the Elkton, MD store. Sometimes you can get things at Wal-Mart to coordinate with your decor and not too expensive, should you want to re-decorate often (Morris leaves the decorating to me for our primary home and also for the RV’s Interior). The ‘outside’ is his. The ‘inside’ is mine when it comes to decorating.
        Really praying your home will be sold soon. The weather breaking is a plus I think. Keeping our fingers crossed for you.

  3. Found your blog from the posting on FB in the full timing group, just read your posts. Reminds me of where we were a year ago, sometimes it was a bit stressful and overwhelming trying to get so many years of stuff taken care which resulted in a few days of being in funks too. Hope your house sells soon and you can get on the road. Spent last winter on the Gulf Coast in TX and now we’re back in VT for what may be our last summer here, then we plan to workamp around the country. Sorry to about the truck.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and for the thoughtful comment! I really appreciate it! I hope you continue to follow along!

      1. Kelly, Morris wants to know if Bill got ya’lls ‘exterior’ CD Player working. He said he’d given Bill the bulbs while we were together last month, but we didn’t speak with you before pulling out on Sunday.
        Morris tried to play our CD’s in our exterior CD Player this past week while we were out, and the Player wouldn’t take all of the CD in…a portion of the CD extended out of the slot.
        Pls let me know…Morris won’t get on the blog, nor fb, nor anything on the PC….he has enough of the PC with his work, and other than checking sports scores through Yahoo, he depends on me to read and tell him what’s going on, and to ask questions he has.

  4. I am honestly not sure if the CD player is working but we did use the radio on our last trip. The bulbs worked great – tell Morris thanks! I know he also got a new HDMI cable but I haven’t tried it since he switched it.

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