Acting As If…

Here I sit.  At my computer.  Which is has been a pain in the butt lately, not wanting to work when I want it to.  It’s working now, so I guess I better get typing.

Since my last update, we have gotten another load of stuff taken to the container.  The back of the truck and trailer were filled up

June 10 moving stuff (6)

June 10 moving stuff (13)

We had loaded it up Saturday and drove it to the container on Sunday.  We put back together the shelves we had brought from the garage on the last trip

June 10 moving stuff (2)

and then loaded it up with the rubbermaid type containers we brought

June 10 moving stuff (14)

we also have some cabinets we can put stuff into

June 10 moving stuff (9)

June 10 moving stuff (15)


Cocoa mostly just supervised and then decided to chill in the truck

June 10 moving stuff (18)


and after much back and forth the truck and trailer were empty and we were ready to go home!

June 10 moving stuff (17)

After Bill locked up of course

June 10 moving stuff (20)


It was a long, hot, sweaty weekend, but thankfully the sun was shining and there wasn’t any rain.  The attic space above the garage is completely empty and that makes me happy!  We may or may not make another trip next weekend, although we won’t have the truck for about 3 weeks, so that will be a consideration.

The truck will be going in on Monday to get fixed!  YAY!  Friends of ours recommended a place by them (thanks Cori and Greg!) and it is far enough away that we don’t have to wait until late August or September or later to get it in.  How crazy is that?  So we went outside the area and it paid off!  Only issue is, they said there is no way they can PDR (paintless dent removal) the roof, and they will be ordering us a new roof along with the new hood.  They said they will handle it with the insurance company to make sure it is paid for.  I mean, what the guy said made sense, how is it possible the hood is bad enough to have to replace, but the roof isn’t?  The roof is just as bad as the hood.  As long as it is good as new, and the insurance covers it, I will be happy.

Since I wrote last, we had also decided to hire an appraiser to come and tell us what he thinks the house is worth.  We have been on the market 65 days as of today (6/11), and while we had a good amount of traffic when we first listed, we have only had 2 lookers (outside the open house) in a month.  He said the house is in great shape, shows well, looks good, so since there are no obvious flaws that would keep someone from making an offer, it probably comes down to price.  We should have the official report by Thursday or Friday.  I will keep you updated.

Also, since I wrote last, we had something else break.  I mean, it is getting ridiculous!  If I weren’t so damn mad, I would really be laughing! This is getting expensive, fixing all this stuff.  The stuff we won’t even be here to use!  Since we have made the decision to sell, we have had to pay for the following items:

took a HUGE old ash tree out that split and was in danger of falling on the house.

New washing machine

NEW ROOF! (ok, might not be able to really count that one too much – we’ve lived here almost 12 years, we have known we would have to replace it for awhile)

NEW furnace

NEW water heater

NEW whole house fan motor (this is the newest, just happened 3 days ago! – so actually we are hoping we only have to replace the motor)

I am seriously afraid to turn on the a/c!  I think it would put me over the edge if that broke also!

Good news is, the appraiser said he takes all that into consideration and it will add value to the house.  Does it make up for having to lay out over $10,000?  I don’t think so.  That could have paid for a lot of fuel and/or campground fees!

So to tie into the title of today’s post, acting as if – even though the house hasn’t sold yet, we are acting as if it will and when it does, it will be that much easier then.




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  1. Kelly, we’re wishing you and Bill success in advertising all the NEW utilities and Upgrades to your home to be the source of a sale for you.
    I know you’re anxious to get on the road ‘full time’. So happy for both of you and look forward to parking next to you guys again.
    Hugs to you and Bill, and special embrace to the furry children.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth Anne for your continued support and good wishes! It means a lot to Bill and I!

      We hope someday in the not so distant future we can park next to one another and share a campfire!

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