Just a Boring Update…

While I have added other pages to my blog, (hope you can check them out!) I realize it has been a little while since I’ve added an actual post.  I really hope I didn’t “shoot myself in the foot” with the title of the post.  Sadly, this week I have nothing horribly exciting to say, so just being honest.  Here goes:

We took the truck into the shop that is doing the hail damage repairs; they have had it a week.  I got an update yesterday and they originally thought they would have to send in for a supplement to replace the roof, but they were able to do the PDR (paintless dent removal) on it, but the right side panel and fender will need to be replaced b/c they cannot access the areas to properly use PDR.  He said he will TRY to get it back to us by July 11 (total of 4 weeks) but no promises.  Which means no camping.  UGH!  We have this amazing 5th Wheel and it is sitting at the storage place – NOT COOL!  I do have reservations for July 25 – 29.  I am sure we will have it back by then!

I had written about the burnt out whole house fan motor.  I sent pics to the company and the new, fully covered, motor was delivered to our door on Friday and installed on Saturday!  It could have been way worse!  Cost only time, which is admittedly in short supply lately considering all the hours Bill has been working!

the old burnt out motor
the old burnt out motor
shiny new motor
shiny new motor

The appraisal report came in on the house, and was way less than we were listed at, even with the lower price.  So, another price drop was signed for and we just had another open house Sunday.  And a showing on Saturday.  But, no contract!  I am warning all of you now – when we do get a contract, you will ALL (regardless of your physical location) hear me whooping and hollering!  I just don’t get it.  I simply do not understand what the problem is.  We NEVER get any negative feedback, everyone who looks at it seems to like it.  They especially LOVE our back deck and basement.


my amazing screened in deck
my amazing screened in deck
basement with gas fireplace
basement with gas fireplace and sheet rock ceilings – no ugly drop tile ceilings here!  Also, Bill has it completely wired for surround sound – the whole set-up is negotiable with the sale – what are we going to do with it?
I know it is hard to see b/c it is behind the pole, but we had the usual tiny basement windows cut larger so they are now full-size windows
I know it is hard to see b/c it is behind the pole, but we had the usual tiny basement windows cut larger so they are now full-size windows – and it’s a walk-out!

My realtor is really skeptical about it doing any good, but we set up an agent incentive, so hopefully an agent that might not have shown our home for some reason, will now, and also we are talking about dropping the price like $100 each week, like on Wednesday or Thursday, to keep it new on the agent “hot sheets” that come out each day.  Can’t hurt right?  As long as we aren’t listed for much longer – then I guess it could add up.    I am willing to try about anything.  Does anyone have and ideas/suggestions?  Seriously!

Anyway, guess this a pretty blah update, sorry folks!  Guess life can’t be all exciting all the time, right?


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    1. Hi Kelly, I can totally feel your pain! Our house is still on market, 4 months now!! We are also talking about a realtor incentive! We live on a lake in an area that is basically vacation homes so it will be that one person out there looking for that!! It’s hard reading about all the couples from the rally that have sold!! Oh well our time will come!! Sending Good Luck your way! Sue from Alabama

      1. Sue, Thanks for checking out my blog and for the well-wishes! Good luck to you as well on the sale of your home! I know what you mean about reading how some sell in like a week or less, it’s amazing how different parts of the country are doing well and others (like ours) not so well. You are right, our time will come, just trying to be patient, but it is SO HARD! Kelly

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