Cautiously Optimistic…

I was really trying to wait and have some REALLY good news before posting again, but since that doesn’t seem to be happening, guess I shouldn’t wait anymore since it has been so long.

If you haven’t already, you should take a few minutes and check out the pages I have added.  I have mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, if you click on the 3 lines in the top right corner, it will open up other pages for you to read.  I recently posted part 1 of “the Class C years” which is the beginning of when the full-time dream started.  I will add another “chapter” to that at some point.

So, I do have some good news, we finally, after 4 weeks!, have our truck back.  It looks good as new!  Bill says he can tell which side was painted, but until he pointed it out to me, I couldn’t tell.  You have to look at it at an angle and move back and forth.  He was happy enough with it to bring it home, so that’s good!  Now more home alone all day with no way to get out!  It’s weird because there are plenty of days I don’t go anywhere, but just knowing the car is in the driveway just in case is comforting.  When you are STUCK home, it is completely different.   We have a trip planned for weekend after next down the shore, I can’t hardly wait!  I actually might try to talk Bill into going this Friday and leaving the 5er there for the week.  Don’t know if he will go for it, but I am going to ask.  Next Sunday we have a picnic at his brothers, which isn’t too far from where we are going.

So, we have had some lookers recently, 3 different couples since Thursday.  I am cautiously optimistic.  The Thursday evening people said they liked it, especially the back deck and private backyard, but they just started looking.  The people from Saturday morning liked it a lot, but found one better and we are their runner-up if the first one falls through.  Seems they want to close by mid-August (before school starts) and I think that could be difficult for some sellers, as it is now mid-July.  Then this morning, we had people here for a second time (I think they came the first time during an open house) and they were here for an hour!  They are the first to ask to see the above the garage attic space.  Bill installed walk-up stairs for easy access to it when we finished the full basement and also put down plywood.  It’s plenty of room for off-season stuff, which the couple seemed very happy with.  They would also want to close before school started, which would make us crazy for the next 4 weeks, but we could do it.  So, as I said, cautiously optimistic!  We do have an open house planned for next Sunday, and we are currently dropping the price $100 per week to keep it on the agent hot-sheet every Friday.

In other news, I have been raspberry picking!  There are plants that grow at Bill’s work and I have picked about 20 cups so far.  There are plenty more also!  They are so yummy – way better than the ones you get in the store – and FREE!  I have been freezing them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and then after they are frozen, I put them in baggies and back in the freezer.  When you thaw them they taste like you just picked them!  They are awesome in vanilla yogurt or ice cream!  I will go back later today or tomorrow and will probably be able to go back several more times this week.

this is day one pickings - two days later I picked twice that amount!
this is day one pickings – two days later I picked twice that amount!

I guess that is all for now – I guess I could title this one “Another Boring Update – part 2” but how original would that be?