Moving Out/Moving In – What A Process!

Wow!  It has been crazy here!  So much to do!  So many updates to share!

First, our house appraised just a little bit above what we needed, so that is great news!  Now – after sharing that news, Sue brought us papers to sign that basically said there is no way we will be closing on the original closing date of Aug 13.  They are now saying “on or before Aug 29”  REALLY?  2 MORE WEEKS?  Evidently, since the buyers are getting an FHA loan, it will take longer.  I am sure they are upset b/c they wanted to be in and settled before their daughter, who is starting 3rd grade, starts her new school, the first day is Aug 25.  Well, nothing I can do about that.  Sue suggested we might offer to let them rent from us after they have their official mortgage commitment, which should be this week, we will have to see.  Bill and I were both very annoyed, we both understand closings being delayed a day or two or three, but “up to” 2 WEEKS?  Sue says they worded it that way because that is worse case scenario and this way we don’t have to sign papers every time it might change.  Whatever.  Part of me is a bit relieved because we have a bit more breathing room, but the other side of me just wants it DONE!  I have mentioned before about my lack of patience!  Just doing my best at this point to roll with it – as we don’t have much choice, right?  Friends and family keep me reminding me – BREATHE!

My house is slowly becoming empty.  I have been selling some stuff, and have a nice little chunk of money put aside, I guess we will have to see what to spend it on when I am done adding to it – there are plenty of things we will be needing, like an auxiliary fuel tank and tool box (possibly a combo unit) for the truck, probably solar for the rig, maybe some type of set-up on the back of the rig for the generators.  Those are the larger “outside” items, for the inside probably just some organizational stuff.  Some of the things I have sold, I would never have thought to sell, but my friend, Cori, told me about FaceBook Yard Sale Pages.  I looked it up and sure enough there was one for Berks County.  So, I listed a bunch of things I would normally have brought to Salvation Army, like decor from my family room that had a nautical theme

boat knot box clock 

I had listed them for $10 each and a guy came and bought them for $25!  Who would have thought?   I also sold our extra A/C unit, our treadmill, gym equipment, deck furniture, grill, extra frig, a bunch of stuff.  I listed the bigger stuff on CraigsList also and sold a few things that way.  I really wish I would have known about this site before I gave away all the stuff I did to Salvation Army.  Oh well, live and learn, right?  Thanks Cori!

My kids are also getting some stuff.  My son and his fiance weren’t originally taking anything, but they are now moving to a bigger place and are taking a bunch of stuff, like a couch, TV, etc.  I am glad they will be able to use it.  My daughter is also taking a TV, if she can figure out a time to come get it.  We will be going to see her, but I have no idea where we would keep it til then.  Cindy also took stuff home with her, like my bakers rack and some smaller personal items, like my Grandmothers Lenox vase.  My niece, Jaime got our kitchen table and chairs and a bed!  So, you can see, my stuff is being spread out all over the place!

We are also still bringing stuff to the container – I have been forgetting to take pics, but it is filling up!  I will try to remember to take a few on our next trip!

The most exciting, is the stuff being moved to the rig!  We moved it from the storage place to the campground this past weekend and have brought some items to it.

a few pretty things from my hutch, stuck tight with clear museum gel - didn't budge on the 20 mile drive to the campground!
a few pretty things from my hutch, stuck tight with clear museum gel – didn’t budge on the 20 mile drive to the campground!
pics of my kids!
pics of my kids!
jackets - Bill and I both love our jackets!  Might have to downsize these a bit more!
jackets – Bill and I both love our jackets! Might have to downsize these a bit more!
plenty of room for clothes!
plenty of room for clothes!
more clothes!
more clothes!

So we keep chugging along, making progress!  There are still items I hope to sell, like my washer/dryer and couch/loveseat, riding mower and the HUGE industrial fan Bill inherited from his previous employer.  If not, I am ok with Salvation Army coming with their truck and taking most of it.  Not sure about the washer/dryer, or the riding mower, but they can have the rest if need be!

The last thing I want to mention today is my pets.  We have an older dog, Cocoa, who is half Black Lab and half Australian Cattle Dog.  She is 13 1/2 years old and in the last year has really started showing her age.  I feel so bad for her, she can’t do stairs anymore by herself, so we have a baby gate blocking the stairs so she doesn’t try to go up by herself.  We also have 2 cats, an older male, we call him the “old man”, he is 16 1/2 years old and a tuxedo kitty.  He is our grumpy, yet very affectionate cat, my daughters actually, but she couldn’t take 2 kitties when she moved out, only one, so we kept Raskal.  Our other kitty is Callie, she is a 5 year old Maine Coon torti mix.   She is very sweet and so quiet and very good at hiding.  All three of our pets are very confused.  All the stuff is going out the door and they don’t know what to make of it.  Especially the cats, all their favorite things to sit on and hide behind are disappearing.  I hope when we make our move into the rig they will settle down.  

That’s all I have for today folks!  Thanks again for following along on this crazy odyssey of ours!  Can’t wait to start being able to tell you about places we are going, I’m sure you will find that more interesting than this craziness!  

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  1. We feel your pain we are going through the same thing we have to wait til the eighth to see if these people can buy our house been here for fourty years and had to get rid of a lot of memeries it has been a roller coaster but we keep looking at the big picture cant wait to get in our new home (a fifth wheel)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, Rodney! 40 years! WOW! Bill and I are married for almost 29, in this house for 12. Can’t imagine 40! Good luck with your “move”!

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