busy, busy and more busy… (did I mention we’ve been busy?)

I haven’t written in a while b/c this moving business is kicking my butt, like seriously kicking my butt.  Emotionally, physically, mentally – is there anything I am forgetting?  Oh – wait – intellectually – yes, really.  Figuring out what’s going where and to who and how is it getting there, what’s being sold and for how much and what is just going to Salvation Army – OMG!  Bill and I are bickering, which I HATE.  We are both tired and can’t wait for this phase to be done and over with.  UGH!  I’ve had friends tell me the last week or two before they closed on their house was the worst ever of their marriage.  I can’t say it’s been that bad (yet anyway) but wow- emotions are running high!

The good news is we are moved into our new home on wheels!  We moved the pets and the bed there this past Saturday, so that’s it, no more sleeping at the house, although I am coming back everyday to deal with what’s left here.  One more run to the container ought to do it, at least I REALLY hope so!  I also am picking up the mail.

Cocoa resting comfortably on my new rug
Cocoa resting comfortably on my new rug
Callie making herself at home on the bed
Callie making herself at home on the bed
Raskal happy to be sitting in Bill's chair
Raskal happy to be sitting in Bill’s chair

The container is filling up more than I thought it would – guess I was expecting more purging, less packing.  What is it they say about the best laid plans?

see what I mean?
see what I mean?

There has been some break from the craziness, just short ones.  Friends from KY were visiting the shore area and I went and spent part of the day with them in Point Pleasant on the boardwalk, after delivering some items to the container.

was a gorgeous day!
was a gorgeous day!

Bill and I also stopped at friends of ours for a picnic this past Sunday, after delivering a load of stuff to the container.  It was nice to sit and relax and enjoy the company of friends and family!

Are you seeing a pattern here at all?  Everything revolving around taking stuff to the container? Who knew we had so much stuff?  I had no idea!

We are both very much looking forward to this coming up weekend.  We are going to a campground in East Stroudsburg, PA and meeting up with 3 other couples we met at the rally in TN this past April.  It is going to be so nice to get away and relax and enjoy each others company, which will include pot luck dining and plenty of wine and other spirits!  Let’s get this party started!

What we are really hoping/waiting for more than anything is the official mortgage commitment from our buyers and their lender.  That is supposed to happen by tomorrow per their updated contract dates.  Bill will be giving his employers “the news” after that is official.  YAY!  That will be a HUGE hurdle to have overcome!  It would be great to have him give notice right before we go away for a 4 day weekend, don’t you think?  I do!

That’s all I have today folks – got to get some stuff into the car and then off to the grocery store!   Hopefully it won’t take me so long to get in an update next time!

0 thoughts on “busy, busy and more busy… (did I mention we’ve been busy?)

    1. Hi Debbie! How are you guys? I have not been keeping up on my blog reading lately so I have no idea! Trust all is well!
      We are not going to make it to the fall rally but we are probably going to the boon docking one in FL if they ever open registration.
      We will definitely have a drink and have a toast for each of our missing Class of 2014 members – ok that might be too many – but seriously – we will be thinking of every one and missing you all!
      Hugs back at you and Steve!

      1. We’re doing great. Almost 2 months on the road and loving it. Really amazed at how natural and easy we find it. Even with Steve still working, internet has been fairly easy to find with the apps I use. I’m so happy your house is almost a past memory! Wish ours was. Still not sold 🙁 Sounds like a great time was had at the get-together.

  1. Yea Kelly! Hang in there girl just look towards the ending! I wish I was were you are! House not sold yet and have lowered the price considerably just to get rid of it! Wish I could empty it but not sure if it sells better furnished or empty! My honey did put in for his retirement three weeks ago, now they are looking for a replacement, then he will spend a few months training and do the introductions to companies he deals with.

    We will be spending September thru December traveling around Florida and head home for Christmas to be with the kids.

    Sounds like a great time was had on your weekend with everyone, I was so jealous and was wishing we could have been there. Hopefully we will see you at the reunion next year if not before. Let us know if you get down South maybe we could hook up.

    Good luck with closing and getting on the road.

    1. Hi Sue! How are you? We are still busy but loved our break to spend time with “the gang!” I am still typing my blog entry about that. The area we are in has horrible cell reception and cell service so it is taking longer than expected, especially adding pics.

      You asked about the container. What we bought was a shipping container and it is on my brother in laws property. It is not heated/cooled but will have a dehumidifier and fan to keep things dry and keep air moving. We are very lucky he is letting us so this b/c otherwise we would have had to get rid of a lot more than we did. A word of advise – I agree the house should be “staged” but go through as much as you can while you have time. I did quite a bit – or so I thought! Where did it all come from?!

      We are in the home stretch for sure – watch for my next entry in the next day or two.

      So glad you wrote – please keep in touch!


  2. Hang in there Kelly the end is in site! Wish I could say we were as far along as you are! But “no” house still on market! Lowered the price just so we can get it sold! Not sure if it would sell better empty or with everything in it. Our realtor says furniture! Is your storage container heated and cooled? Where is it located, fenced area with others? Wondering if we should keep things or just get rid of everything? We have 5,000 sq ft, plus 5 car garage, and man cave!

    Wish we could have been with y’all for Tracy’s birthday weekend. Looks like everyone had a great time. Hopefully we will see everyone at the reunion next May.

    My husband, Guy, has put in his retirement notice, hopefully they find someone to replace him soon. Then he will train and take to Sth America and Mexico to introduce and then finished. Yea!

    Good luck Girlie in your travels and if you are down South let us know so we can meet up. We will be in Florida, Sept – dec.

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