Working away…

Just to start the post off right – the featured pic is my view at the exact moment I started typing – you may be getting bored of it – thankfully I am NOT! It’s been a beautiful day – mid 70’s and no humidity.  Amazing!  Slight cool breeze!  It’s been in the high 40’s low 50’s at night – perfect for sleeping with the window open!

I am feeling much better – thanks to all who messaged me to ask how I’m doing!  I have finished my z-pack and feeling about 95% – still wanting to go to bed early.

So, it’s been a quiet week here at Renfros.  We’ve been cleaning our cabins – Bob & Marna and Gary all helped one day as all 8 cabins were in need of being turned over. We have several more days like that before summer is over, some are extra days for Bob & Marna, some for Bill & I.  It’s all good.

We’ve also worked on a couple of projects this week – cleaning out and organizing 2 separate storage areas.  Both were pretty dirty and dusty and probably part of the reason my nose is still giving me a hard time!  Both areas are now looking a lot better, if needed one can actually see what’s in there and get it out if needed.

We got to meet Gary’s other 2 kitties this week – remember I told you about Mr Kitty?  We finally got to meet Sugarpie and Honeybunch.  They are sisters.  If those names don’t make you want to break out in song – well – you need to expand your music palate.  The song name is “I Can’t Help Myself” by the Four Tops and it was a #1 hit in 1965.  Very catchy tune.  Makes it easy to remember the names, that’s for sure.  I just had to come up with a way to remember which is which.  Sadly, Sugarpie is a bit camera shy, but I was able to snap a quick pic of Honeybunch – her face is lighter in color than her sister.  She really likes Bills shoes!  Was able to get a new one of Mr Kitty too!

It just occurred to me that except for our daily 9 mile round trip ride to the transfer station (since there is no garbage pick-up, it has to be taken there), we have not left the property.  And that’s ok.  We have plans to head to Homer next week for our time off.  That means next weeks post should be much more interesting than this weeks.  At least there is awesome views the whole way there and back!

I’ve showed you pics of one of the lakeside cabins – they are all the same – seen one you’ve seen them all.  There are also 3 additional cabins that are in a wooded setting.  Here are a few pics of them:

cabin 8
this cabin technically sleeps 4 – queen bed and full size futon
small kitchen area
bathroom w/shower
cabin 7 w/fire ring area
kitchen area
queen bed (there’s also a full size futon)

Cabin 6 is exactly like the lakeside cabins except it hasn’t been remodeled yet.

dining area
the old style stairs
queen bed in loft
full size futon sleeps up to two
this is the only cabin with a shower curtain instead of glass doors

Today we took a ride down to Seward to bring stuff to the storage unit.  We will be having another yard sale soon and this time the goal will be have a completely empty storage unit so he does not have to pay rent for it anymore!  I took pics of the stuff for sale so he can advertise better.

truck full of stuff
can’t complain about the views on the way to Seward
the views on the way back aren’t bad either!

Tomorrow starts a new week, and we would usually be off, but since all 8 cabins need to be turned over, we will help out – we’re nice that way!  Then, unless it is pouring down rain, we are going to see what the Summer Solstice celebration in Moose Pass is about.   Monday we leave for Homer!  Watch for a full report next time!