More of that Four Letter Word…

As a disclaimer – the title of this weeks’ post is not meant to imply that work (the 4 letter word) is a bad thing.  On the contrary, for us, where we are, in AK and even more specifically Renfros, is a wonderful thing!  I am using it mostly due to a comment when I posted  the post “hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go!” on FB, some one referring to it as a four letter word – for some reason it stuck in my head.

This week has not been very exciting, I’m sad to report.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t had some good moments, but it’s mostly been about that four letter word – work – and getting ready for our upcoming week!  That means next weeks post should be a fun-filled good time!

Here at Renfros, it’s been a feast or famin week – with either a whole lot of cabins to clean or one day we actually had 0!  As in not one cabin!  That’s a first for us!  Another day we had one!  Another first!  One slightly busier day we cleaned 3!  Then the other days were 7,7,5, and 6!  So like I said – feast or famine! But it’s all good – we just do what needs to be done!

On our zero cabin day, we started the day with a pancake breakfast, complete with homemade pancakes – courtesy of Gary (using his Moms recipe!), bacon – thanks to Bob & Marna, Bill & I brought OJ and Cinnamon Buns.  Not world famous cinnamon buns that are all over AK and BC – just plain old Pillsbury pop-n-fresh kind out of that can that goes “POP” when you peel the label off.

we all wore our Renfros T-shirts that Marna designed and ordered for us! It was my idea to add the year

After breakfast, we headed out on a mission – BLUEBERRIES!  There is a trail nearby, the Victor Creek Trail – like literally across the street – and there are tons of bluebery bushes back in there!  Last years Workampers, Trisha & Justin (remember we met them at Amazon?), told Gary where to find the mother-load! We set out with our bear spray, rain jackets and containers, intent on picking at least enough for a pie!

this is as close to a beach as we’ve seen – and it isn’t sand – its glacier silt – its why the creeks and lakes are the color they are
interesting mushroom formations on the fallen trees
Gary getting off the trail
Bill watching for the best bushes!
more mushrooms
whos got the most? do we have enough for a pie?
cool looking tree roots

We were out about an hour and a half, with the rain holding off thankfully, and brought home plenty for a pie, and extra for the freezer!

After we got back, Gary headed to Anchorage, Bill & I cleaned the bathouse and did a few other things around the place while Marna researched blueberry pie recipes!

Later that evening, we gathered at the lodge for the pie!  Marna, who is known for her desserts, outdid herself!  The pie was delish!  At Gary’s suggestion (ok – maybe insistence!) she made a homemade crust – the whole thing was finger licking good!  She even brought vanilla ice cream to top the still-warm-from-the-oven pie!  Perfect!

she even braided the crust!

There are a lot of mushrooms around the property – I assume due to the abundance of rain we’ve had.  Have I mentioned there’s been a lot of rain?  Like everyday? Except Wednesday – Wednesday we didn’t get rain – and even got a glimpse of -gasp! – blue sky!  We were so excited!

Momma mushroom and baby mushroom
Gary says the red ones are poison
just a plain brown one
I was so excited to see the blue!

Wednesday, we were so happy we decided to celebrate no rain by going to dinner – and after some deliberation – Thai food was the winner!  Gary suggested Woodies and off we went!

thats Bills “hurry and take the pic so I can eat!” face

By the time we got there, we were starving!  I had pineapple curry with chicken and Bill had red curry chicken.   We also ordered their version of crab Rangoon for an appetizer.  The whole meal was very good – we hadn’t had Thai in a LONG time!

After dinner, we had another stop to make.   We were picking up crab legs for Tracy, to celebrate her 50th birthday!  She wanted to treat us as part of her birthday celebration!  Well, we arrived and the only people there was the night processing people, who basically had nothing to do with the retail area.  We quickly learned their FB page was not kept up to date and they closed an hour earlier than stated there.  Ok – we will go across town and get them at the other recommended place in town.  Sadly, they were closed also.  Interestingly, their out front sign says “open: 6:30am  close: when the last boat comes in”.  Another trip into Seward would be needed – somewhat annoying but not a huge big deal.

The following evening after work, Bill got our dinner started and I (after calling to confirm their closing time and that they had what I wanted) headed into Seward, back to the Mermaids purse.  The place was packed!  The lady at the counter was very helpful, she did a thorough search of the freezer and came out to tell me there wasn’t any – could I come back tomorrow?  Ah – NO!  I explained that this was my second trip here and I had called in advance to confirm.  OH!  Ok – she then decided to drive over to get some from the commercial location – good idea!   I waited about 15 minutes and there was my crab!  Now we’re talking!   Stephanie decided to round down the lbs to account for the “excessive” ice (I don’t believe there was .23lbs of ice – but who am I to argue?), and she also gave me 10% off for my trouble of having to come back, and aplogized for the website being wrong.  I thanked her for her consideration, packed my crab into my cooler and back to Renfros and my waiting BBQ chicken I went!  Whew!

performing surgery on the bear proof garbage can

Today, Friday, We had 6 cabins.  Bob & Marna helped us b/c originally we were supposed to have 8, and Gary decided since we wanted to get done and leave, he would not cancel their assistance.  The extra help paid off and we were done by 3!  Dinner finished, showers had and packing up complete, we were on the road by 5:30!


Playing with the PAN feature on the phone camera

We’ve stopped for the night at the Eagle River Fred Meyer, done some shopping and had some pizza (nothing exciting, just the frozen kind).  We will finish the trip to Glennallen in the morning!  Sunday we drive down to Valdez – new territory!  It’s going to be a great week!

7 thoughts on “More of that Four Letter Word…

  1. Sounds like you had a low key week. Looking forward to what is next for you. The blueberry pie looked great. One of my favorites. Enjoy your week.

  2. Sounds like blueberry pie will be finding its way to my table SOON! You made me hungry for it! w/ice cream, AH HA!

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I’m enjoying all of your posts – what an amazing journey/experience!!’
    I think you mentioned a few months ago that you use Verizon for your cell.
    My husband & I are traveling for six weeks in eastern Canada. I called Verizon before we left, and Verizon has a new plan with data in Canada & Mexico with no extra charge so I switched to this new plan and so far we’re real happy with it. Plus, unused data rolls over to the next month! Only one month’s data. I thought you might like to know this!
    Happy travels!!

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