Getting Back East – Family Time!

What an adventure we had getting here!  I told all about it in the post Staying in Front of the Weather.  Let’s just say we were long overdue for some sun and warmer temps!

I was originally going to have this post be 2 posts – one about CO and the other about KS, but I got lazy and was busy visiting instead of typing, so now he is my combined post.  Having this family time has definitely made not being in AK anymore easier!

Our actual planned arrival date for the Boulder CO area was Thursday Oct 13, I had thought we’d spend 2 nights (instead of 1) in Edmonton and also 2 nights (instead of 1) with Helen & Pat.  Trying to outrun the snow put us ahead of schedule by 2 days – so we arrived instead Tues Oct 11!  We were exhausted but happy!

Our time in CO went so fast!  I’m going to keep this post simple – hope you don’t mind!

Quynns first visit to the rig

visiting Quynn at her job – Happy Hour at the St Julien

street performers on Pearl Street Mall

beautiful sunset sky

I think he had 5 going at this point!

“Buff’s” cheerleaders – Homecoming “Stampede”

CU Marching Band – they played the same stand music my kids played when they were in HS Marching Band

Bill bought himself a flight at Skeye AND a growler of his fav to go – $12 with a Groupon

going in for the tour of Celestial Seasonings Tea factory

how cool is this dress made from tea bags? Looks like something you’d see on Project Runway

Megan enjoying her SoCo Sour

Quynn relaxing for Happy Hour

Bill and I drove up to Estes Park to see the Elk in rut and listen to them bugle! They were pretty far off when we arrived

we sat and watched and graduallly they came closer

we could hear that large male bugling – tried to record it but all you could hear was the wind

our goodbye breakfast 😞 at Luciles in Longmont
We had a great time visiting with Quynn and getting to know Megan.  Quynn is my cousin (really more like an older sister) Cindy’s daughter and our eldest Goddaughter.  We don’t see each other nearly enough!  Gotta work on that!

Next up was more family time in KS; our niece, Angela and her 2 kiddos, Avianna and Will live in Manhattan.  We spent a night on the road on the way, was too far for a one day.  It was really perfect timing for a visit with them, as the kids had off school our whole visit!

I’m sure you can tell how hard it was for Bill to get parked b/c of the narrow road with no run off due to the ditch

we visited a farm stand that had some activites for kids – even Mom got on the jumping “pillow”

Angela jumped pretty high – and even did a flip!

our niece, Angela

feeding some farm animals

turkey was very hungry

shooting a potato gun

Will’s turn

Bill tried to get Angela’s dirt bike running, but it needs a good carburetor cleaning

#60 – he’s our man!

sleep over!

up and up he went!

Lucy – their cat

We enjoyed a short but awesome visit!  Time for continuing eastward!

Our next stop was St Louis MO – we wanted to check out the Gateway Arch!  We were supposed to have seen it back in 2010 but we had to hurry back due to a death in the family.  Now was our chance!

We spent the night at a Hollywood Casino, and took advantage of their BOGO Buffet dinner on Monday nights!  Delish meal for $21!

The next morning, we found our way into downtown St Louis.

was surprised I was not freaking out in the little car to the top – thankfully the ride is short

tiny little viewing windows

view of the Old Courthouse

Our last stop (well second to the last but the last was a boring Walmart sleepover) was a quick visit with the The Restless Youngs, our friends Cori & Greg and their adorable pup, Hobie.   We had been chatting and realized our paths were almost exactly going to cross – so a bit of clever re-rerouting and – BAM! – an overnight stopover in Indianapolis was arranged!   We made our best attempt to fully catch up on ALL the things we have seen and done in the last 8 months since we’ve seen each other last, but honestly, I’m not sure we scratched the surface!  That is sadly how it can be, in person visits are few and far between but so worth the effort!  Thanks guys for dinner and breakfast!  It was great seeing you!

Well, there you have it – a quick summary of our trip “back east”.  We are now in Southwestern PA, where we are seeing our daughter and her fiance.  We have a day trip or two planned to see our son until we drive the rig to Lancaster after Thanksgiving.

Thanks to all my loyal readers for following along.  I appreciate each and every one of you – and look forward to all your comments and questions.

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  1. Such a cool photo of Bill below the Arch. We’ve been up in it several times, and I’m glad to be on terra firma after each visit! Those little cars with 50 coats of paint make me feel like I’m climbing into a clothes dryer, Kelly. 🙂

    1. Thanks! I had to get down on the ground on the stairs to take that one but I loved the angle! I had to deep breathe to get through that ride – thankfully it’s is short! But that space is SMALL! Clothes dryer is a good analogy!

  2. Isn’t the arch awesome? We really enjoyed our visit there. So glad you’re journey back east was safe and sound and that you managed to plan family visits, too! You guys covered a ton of miles this year!

    1. The arch is very cool for sure! I’m sure the grounds will be beautiful when they are done! Seeing family along the way is one of the best things about traveling! We’ve done a lot of miles and we aren’t done yet for the year!

    1. It’s awfully small in those little teeny tiny cars – and they want 5 people in them? I was like – NO! – Bill and I waited for one on our own!

  3. Kelly, glad you are having a great time visiting family. We did the arch years ago and the ride up was hard for me but being scared of heights once we got to the top I looked out and was going back down. LOL. I enjoy looking at it from the ground now. Enjoy your time in PA.

    1. I didn’t mind so much once I was up there – it was that little car that I had a hard time with. I do agree though – looks good from the ground! Thanks Chris!

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