Sometimes Time Moves Too Fast…

As I begin this post – let me describe the weather outside – it’s blowing snow – 27 degrees with a “real feel” wind chill temp of 11!  Holy cow!  What are we thinking?  I can tell you that easily – kids!  Bill and I get to pick where we live – not where they live – so we have to occasionally deal with this crazy weather!  

We are warm and toasty in our home on wheels while all that is going on outside.  We have a full tank of fresh water – black and grey tanks were emptied yesterday morning, all is good!  

A few days ago, before all this weather started, we decided to go for a walk around the CG.   There are a lot of sites here, most of the place is shut down for the winter.  A lot of the park is seasonal sites, some of which have clearly been here a LONG time!  Scottyland was originally started for owners of Scotty trailers, and there are still a few around.  Sadly, all these older trailers makes the place look run down.  It’s a shame really, as the property is amazing and you can tell at one time it was a really great CG!  We are about an hour or so southeast of Pittsburgh, so perfect for weekend getaways.  

Bill explained to me how it is possible to do this – but no answer for why?
Nice views
Another one sticking out with no support – doesn’t look safe to me

We’ve had some busy days and some days we haven’t done a whole lot.   We’ve hung out at Michelle’s, finished the first season of Stranger Things, a Netflix series.  Another day, she came over here and visited us while I decorated for the upcoming holidays.  I didn’t get out any decorations last year, frankly b/c while working 50 hours at Amazon, I didn’t have the energy.  This is a new and different year!  

Another warmer day, Bill & I spent an afternoon at the Flight 93 National Memorial.  I couldn’t help but wonder aloud about how different the vibe in the country is now compared to then.  I realize a horrible thing occurred in our country back in 2001, and I hope I never have to watch our country endure another situation like that again, but the way the whole country bonded together and helped one another, proudly flying American flags was inspiring.  It’s disappointing how divided we are now.  I know why, and don’t want to minimize the reasons why.  I’m just observing that after some kind of mass tragedy, people will generally be kind and helpful – stick together despite differences – but that is not the atmosphere in the U.S.A today.   And that makes me sad.  

This black path is the flight path of Flight 93

I had mentioned in a previous post that we would be going back to Green Gables, the venue our daughter is getting married at next year, to ask some questions.   Six of us, the bride and groom to be and parents, all headed there Saturday morning.  It was a very productive meeting, we got to see samples of centerpieces, color choices for tablecloths and napkins, discuss menu options.  There was a wedding taking place there later that day, so we also got to see some of how it was being set-up.  I have to tell you – this is all quite exciting!   Derek’s older sister is married and so his Mom, Tracy, was able to share some insights and make some helpful suggestions.  

We all then came back to our place so Tracy & Pete could see the rig, while we snacked on shrimp cocktail and queso.  Odd combo, but yummy nonetheless.   

Next stop was Tracy & Petes house.  They are getting ready for a kitchen remodel, so lots of stuff is packed away.  It was nice to see where Derek grew up!  We also got a tour of what Michelle and Derek affectionately call the garagemajal.  It’s basically Derek’s Dads HUGE 3 car garage and workshop.  He has a car lift and a bunch of woodworking tools.  I think it’s safe to say Bill had a bit of garage envy.   Upstairs in the garage is a HUGE man cave.   Derek has a 5 year old nephew and 1 year old niece and Pete aka Pappy, will pop a tent and “camp” with them up there – how awesome is that?  

Next stop was the family cabin, which is adorable!  It’s close enough to town to be used as a guest house, yet far enough that you feel “away”.  There is a large grassy area surrounded by trees, so very private.  

The final stop of the day was Michelle & Dereks place.  We gathered for dinner and talked for hours, exchanging family stories, mostly about the “kids”.  

Was a wonderful day getting better acquainted!


Another week has gone by here in southwest PA.  A bit of snow fell and hung around for a few days, looking pretty, before melting and making the CG  a soupy mess!

We’ve done some shopping, cooked some meals, watched some movies, just chilling and spending time together.  

One of the things Bill and Michelle shopped for was a new mailbox.  Michelle didn’t like the one that was there and then the mailman actually broke it by hanging a package on it, so perfect excuse to get a new one.   Of course her Daddy said he would help her choose and install a new one!  I bet you can figure out who did which part!

Thanksgiving Day we were up and over to Michelle’s early to finish our piece of the holiday meal, sausage stuffed mushrooms and crab stuffed mushrooms.  The day before, Michelle had made her yummy pumpkin cheesecake pie and chocolate oreo pie.  

There were about 20 people having dinner at Derek’s Grandparents house.  Weird thing is that the grandparents aren’t even home – they snowbird to FL for the winter.  They live across the street from Derek’s parents and they have a larger area to accommodate 20 people.  Derek’s brother-in-law does a lot of the cooking and everyone that comes brings a side dish.  

We found this interesting item on the wall in the basement – it’s made from a piece of the Alaskan pipeline and was given to Derek’s Grandfather.  

It was a very nice day, we enjoyed meeting more of Derek’s family and stuffing ourselves silly with all the delicious foods!

Our last full day, “the kids” decided to get a Christmas tree and invited us to go along.  That sure made us happy!  After checking out a few places, we ended up at Lowes and Michelle picked out a cute little Fraser Fir.  

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  1. At first I thought those folks were insulating their slide room, but that appears to be their solution to a water issue. When we wintered in Michigan in 2014/2015, I constructed what we called a sarcophogous around our bedroom slide, using 3/4″ foam board. Boy, that kept us toasty at night. We don’t have one here in Kentucky and we really feel the difference.

    1. I definitely think it was for water, but what I was really trying to show was how it was just sticking out with only some cement blocks to hold it up that far off the ground – doesn’t look safe and I don’t think I’d want to be in it. Looks like it’s going to fall off any minute.
      Thankfully we’ve been nice and warm inside here in PA – I think I’d feel too claustrophobic if we had to put a sarcophagus around the slide!

  2. Love the Xmas lights in the RV looks nice 🙂
    Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving 🙂
    Bill looked like he really liked helping with the mailbox it’s a dad thing 🙂
    Stay warm and safe travels, Rick

    1. Thanks Rick! We traveled today and I took down the ornaments, but left up the garland and lights and they were just fine when we arrived, so that was good!
      We had a nice Thanksgiving! Spending it with our daughter was awesome!
      Bill loved helping “his girl” with whatever she wanted help with! And, she loved having it all done to show Derek – one less thing for him to worry about doing!

  3. Love the Christmas decorations, we got our tree and decorated it this week as well. I bet it feels even more like Christmas season there with the cold weather and snow!

    1. Wish I had a place to put a tree but since I don’t – did the next best thing! It is cold here – feels more like the holiday season vs when we were in FL where it’s warmer

  4. Love your decorations! Glad you had such a wonderful time in PA! Special time with family is so important!

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