Back "home" in Ephrata…

 It may seem odd I referred to Ephrata as “home” in the title of this post.   I’m saying it this way because we are, once again, staying at our home Elks Lodge, where Bill officially joined back in December.  Our spot was waiting for us; we had hoped the water would be able to be turned on, but it’s still getting too cold at night.  

Considering we had a stressful drive arriving here, it was good we were able to easily get parked and set up before heading over to our sons apartment.   

Sunset from up near the lodge

The drive was stressful mostly due to moron drivers.  Honestly – my last post included a link to our first ever YouTube video of Bill getting seriously cut off, and while thankfully that was not repeated, there was a lot of volume and crazy people. At one point, I was coming up around a curve on the PA Turnpike, and I saw flashing lights – the yellow ones usually seen on a tow truck.  It initially looked like it was on the shoulder (there was a wide guard rail blocking the full-view) and it was either moving extremely slowly or was stopped.   As I came around the curve more, it became clear it was in the lane of traffic – right where I was!  Thankfully there was an emergency pull-out right there and I pulled into it, as I wasn’t fully sure I would be able to slow down/stop in time.  Scared the sh** out of me!   Bill was back pretty far and I immediately radioed him to slow down and move over – which he did and within a few seconds blew by me.  It took me a minute to finally calm down and pull back out – I passed the tow truck and I’m guessing he wasn’t going but 20mph!  Maybe not even!  The speed limit in that area was 70!  We never travel that fast – I usually set the cruise on 62.  While I was sitting in the pull-out – several cars had to slam their brakes to avoid hitting him!  It was crazy!  

Whew!  Nothing a shot of Jameson couldn’t help with when we got to Billy’s!

I’ve been taking care of some wedding things since arriving; also had my haircut by my fav stylist and lunch with friend, Cherie!  Totally forgot to get a pic – but here’s one from last time.  

It’s been convenient having my own car, as the day I drove to Reading, Bill spent the morning with Ken, went to pick up Billy and they were back here waiting for me when I got home.  Worked out perfectly!  

Billy stayed the night and the following day was his day off.  I had checked TripAdvisor for something new to do.  After living in this general area for so long (12 years before we went full-time) and visiting many times, it isn’t easy to find new things to do.  As usual, TripAdvisor came through for us and we found our way to A Wolf Sanctuary near Lititz.  What an awesome find!  Reminded me of a place in Tampa we’ve visited many times – Big Cat Rescue – except wolves instead of big cats.  

The sanctuary gets donated road kill – and the wolves love it! This wolf is guarding the deer.
All tour guides are volunteers and are very passionate about the wolves
This female is 1/4 German Shepherd
This male is 1/4 wolf and 3/4 German Shepherd and used to be someone’s pet. When the original owner passed away he couldn’t bond with another family so was sent to the sanctuary.

This is all resident wolves that have passed away.

There has been a fair amount of time spent looking for a new apartment for Billy.  I am probably driving him a little crazy “helping” him.  He is so mellow and chill about stuff and I, never having had to look for an apartment for myself, am just anxious for this process to be over so I know where he will be moving to.   His current lease is up the end of April.  I had a goal of wanting to know where he would be moving to before we left but that was not to be.  I’ll be waiting for his call or text to let me know when he’s found a new place.  

On our last full day in the area, Bill and I decided to head into Reading to Fairgrounds Farmers Market to stock up on some our fav items.  Both our kids also like certain items that can be purchased there, so as we were on our way, with Bill behind the wheel, I texted both Michelle and Billy to get their requests.  

It was busy as usual when we arrived, as it is only open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Lots of people go for their produce and meat supplies for the week, as the prices are good and most stands are Amish, so local and fresh.  

Our first stop – had to get 3 cannoli from the best in the area – sadly the bag was left somewhere and we didn’t get to eat them!

Next stop was for broasted chicken wings – so good!

Had to get some beans, peas, quinoa and chickpeas for Michelle at Lbs & Ounces

Next stop – everyone got tea and some coffee
We didn’t get anything here, but I was tempted – yummy pretzel dogs!

Picked up some goat milk and yogurt for Michelle

Single scoop is enough – Cherry Coconut for Bill and half scoop each Black Raspberry and Cookies and Cream for me!
As much as I LOVE their homemade meatballs – no room for the 10lb bag in the freezer
Last stop for some Jambalaya- best I’ve ever had!

Our last evening with our son we grilled some rib eye steaks and watched a movie, and talked about the summer.  Since we will be so close to Billy while working on the Jersey Shore I’m sure we will be seeing him at least a few times.  

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  1. You have taught your little grasshopper well, my friend. Jameson cures all that ails you. 🙂 We’re going to stay at your home lodge soon, I’m looking forward to going inside and signing your membership application. LOL, the secretary said she’d hold it for me. 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda! We totally credit you and Steven with our becoming Elks! It’s worked out great for us! Can’t wait to share a Jameson (or two) with you and Steven!

  2. Thanks for the memories! Is that market bigger than the
    Lancaster city market?

    1. Fairgrounds Market is about the same size as the Lancaster Market – and all individual booth vendors like it. The building at Lancaster Market is nicer with the higher ceilings but Fairgrounds has more prouduce and eating options. Neither is better – just different. Now – Reading Terminal Market in Philly is the really BIG one!

  3. I have been to the Reading Market one time way back what a great place it is. Thanks for sharing brings back memories 🙂 Stay warm and safe out there, Rick

  4. The market looks great. We love to go to the Amish market in Lancaster. The problem is I always want to buy way to much. Especially the sweets. Sorry you had a ruff travel day. Can’t wait to hear how the new work camping job is going. Take care.

    1. Thanks Chris! We love all the farmers markets in that area and ALWAYS spend a lot! Good part of that is you usually go home with a lot of bags b/c prices are fair and everything is fresh!

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