Living Like Locals on Jersey Shore

Ok – so it’s been a while.  Sorry about that!  We’ve settled in here at Country Oaks, we’ve got ourselves a routine and it’s mostly good!

I’ve gotten well acquainted with Campground Master, that will be an awesome addition to my resume!  The office has been getting busier as we get closer to Memorial Day weekend – the summer season kick-off!  We are completely filled up and Lynn even opened up some seasonal sites that are currently not in use, and they are getting snatched up!  Other weekends are filling up, such as 4th of July and their infamous Water Wars weekend!  Lynn has been ordering stuff to stock up the store, new t-shirts, sweatshirts and fleece jackets, as well as snack items, pool toys and RV essentials.  

Bob, Joe and Bill built and painted new shelving for the store – looks nice!  As guests come into the store, they are all commenting how nice the update looks!  Plus there’s a lot more room for goodies!

The pool cover has been removed and chemicals added.  The state inspection guy said it’s good to go for the Memorial Day weekend grand opening!  

The highlight since my last post had been Gene & Eileen visiting with us for a few days!  For our welcome dinner, I did a fairly good job at making Linda’s Shrimp & Grits.  Came out pretty good, if I do say so myself!  

I don’t have the fancy pasta type bowls, but my crocks worked just fine

We had a great time showing them around the Jersey Shore.  They had 3 days here, so stops in Cape May, Ocean City and Colts Neck was what there was time for, oh – and a quick lunch stop in Pt Pleasant!  
That’s Cape May Lighthouse and a Martin house behind us
I’m sure you can see the two frogs – at the visitor center at the Lighthouse
Horseshoe crabs getting busy
Monarch butterfly larvae

Lunch at Delaneys
The original 1956 Jersey Mikes location in Pt Pleasant Beach NJ. They now have over 1,500 locations!
Teasing our friend, Lee, who is in love with all things pie!
Ocean City, NJ Wonderland Ferris wheel at sunset
Jersey Girls down the shore

It was sad saying seeing them move on, but I’m sure we will see them in FL in 2018!

Another highlight was a visit with my brother.  He lives in Keyport (about 1 1/2 hours from here), which is a town over from where we grew up.  Sadly, my sister-in-law, Caroline, was working – we will have to plan another date when they are both off!  Bill also spent a day with his brother, John, while I stayed home cleaning and cooking!  

Got to start with a clean grill!
Homemade Manhattan Clam Chowder – YUM! and – not nearly as many calories as the white kind!

Other than that, we’ve just been doing some chores (the A/C issue still isn’t done!), hanging out walking and biking the boards.  Life is good.  

On someone’s site in the campground
Beautiful Impatiens
Bill enjoying a mint/chocolate twist from Kohrs Bros
Amazing Iris
Gorgeous Rhododendron – in many colors all over – these on our site
Walking the boards one day in Ocean City
Sharing a campfire and hot dogs with neighbors one evening after work
Out for dinner at Anthonys (formally known as Bruno’s) – good food at great prices!

Today, as I am getting ready to post, it’s a rainy yucky day outside. It’s amazing to me to realize we’ve been here just shy of 6 weeks!  Tomorrow is the official summer kick-off of Memorial Day weekend!  Not sure how it is where you are but here on the Jersey Shore – it’s a mixed blessing – a love/hate relationship.  Business owners down the shore have basically 14 weeks to make their $$$.  Locals prefer the spring/summer but it’s hard to hang out on the beach before the temps warm up, or after they’ve cooled off.  Locals generally avoid the beaches on weekends, or if we do go – we go early and leave by lunchtime. Our work schedule has us off Tuesdays and Wednesdays, another good/bad thing – better for beach days, but the downside is most of our family and friends are off weekends.  First world problems I’m sure we will figure out!  

12 thoughts on “ Living Like Locals on Jersey Shore

  1. Kelly, your pictures are beautiful. The flowers are so pretty. Sounds like things are going very well. So happy to hear that. It has been raining here for the past few weeks. They called for a great weekend but now it looks like storms off and on all three days we are off. I was hoping for a beautiful camping weekend. Enjoy your weekend. I am sure you will be very busy but I hope you do not have to work to hard. Take care.

    1. Thanks guys! Wish we could be sharing a campfire and pie (pizza pie that is!) and walking the boards together, but your gig sounds pretty awesome! I’m sure we will get out to the GC again someday!

  2. Amazing how fast the winter/spring went by. Nice gig you guys have on the shore. Miss going to OC and Mack & Manco (Manco & Manco darnit!)

    1. Agreed! We’ve been here 6 weeks! I always say Mack & Manco first! Typed it that way too! We are loving our Jersey Shore summer – kick-off was today!

  3. The dishes you shared look amazing! I don’t suppose you would be interested in sharing the recipes on your blog?

    1. Thanks so much! I have shared a few (sadly – very few) but could add these since you asked! To get to that section – click the 3 lines on top right of screen. Can’t get to it today, but check back next week!

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