Meeting a Blog Reader…

We sure have been doing our share of visiting!  It’s part of the reason for being here this summer – to catch up with friends and family in this general vicinity.  With being away for as long as we were, it is nice to reconnect with those we love!  

Time in NJ wouldn’t be complete without seeing long time friends, the Infosino’s.  Sadly, Ulrica had to work, so our visit was mostly with Tony.   Their crew of 5 kids, now ranging in age from 16 to 22, were in and out.  We always enjoy time with Tony – reminiscing about our shared high school years and bringing each other up to date on the latest “gossip”.  

A day visit with our son was very productive!  All his wedding attire, from his shoes up to the bow tie, has now been purchased and fits properly!  It made my heart smile to see how well he cleans up!  Another wedding item checked off my to-do list!  He is settled nicely into his new digs, complete with some hand-me-down artwork from his Grandmother, hanging on the walls!  We finished off the day with a stop for Chinese food – which was not as tasty TripAdvisor reviews led us to believe, but wasn’t bad either.  

Our final visit was different from the previous two.  Instead of reconnecting old ties, we made new friends.  Long time blog reader Chris and her husband, Frank, drove up from Maryland to see us!  It is their dream to join us in living and traveling full-time in an RV.  They are currently in the planning stage, and mine is one of several Chris reads as part of her research.   

Chris has been one of my most loyal readers, always making supportive and encouraging comments.  For those of you that don’t blog yourselves, I’m not sure if you can fully appreciate what it means to hit the publish button and wonder if you’ve said anything that anyone will want to read.   The only way we (bloggers) know that what we are typing, the words we pour out onto virtual paper, is being well received is by getting feedback.  That feedback usually comes in the form of a comment.  Comments are like icing on a bloggers cake!  

This isn’t the first time we’ve met a blog reader.   While traveling out of Alaska last year, we were invited to stay with Helen & Pat, on their driveway near Calgary.   Meeting them was such a great experience, I was hoping to have that again.  

Of course, even though Chris and I have corresponded through blog comments and later in emails, and I had gotten a good “vibe”, I had a bit of anxiety about meeting in person.  Why?

First, there is the husbands issue – will they get along?  Bill is fairly easy going, can make most people feel at ease, but you just never know, not everyone likes everyone, right?  

Second, I was feeling a bit of “will meeting in person solidify a friendship”, contrasted with a fear that she would feel “wow – in person didn’t meet up to the hype”.  I seriously do not mean to toot my own horn with that statement, I really don’t, but it’s very humbling to have someone who only knows you through your written word (especially when you aren’t always confident on those writing abilities) want to drive, on their one of two days off, 2 1/2 to 3 hours EACH WAY, to meet you.   No pressure though!  If getting a nice comment on my blog is icing on the cake – this was going to be the caramel, whip cream, cherry, and cookie crumbles on the sundae!  

Further down the list of possibilities was a teeny tiny thought – what if they were just weirdos?  Ha – no I didn’t really think that at all!  If that had even been a teeny tiny possibility – I would never have invited them to my home – which is also my place of work right now. 

Well – all that fretting for nothing!  Husbands got along like guys who’ve know each other for years and for me – I’d say Chris and I leaned much closer to the solidify a friendship side of the above equation – and I hope I’m right when I say I think the feeling is mutual.  

We had an amazing visit!  Wait! Before I say one more word!  Chris brought us presents!  As if driving all that way wasn’t enough!  Presents!  We were so speechless – and it takes a lot for that to happen to me! 😁

6 pack of beer for Bill, homemade Snickerdoodles, Carrot Cake cupcakes, a wall hanging and a mouse for Callie!

To say Bill and I were thankful is a huge understatement!  Each gift was so thoughtful, so “us”!  We were truly overwhelmed!   Thank you didn’t seem like nearly enough!  

In between bursts of rain, Chris and Frank got the nickel tour.  We talked about what we do and they got to see first hand what it looks like to be a Workamper.  

We snacked on queso and guacamole, while deciding what we wanted to do next.   In spite of the raining on and off throughout the morning, but sun was trying real hard to come out, so we took a chance and headed for Ocean City.   They were familiar with OC MD, but had not been to the NJ boardwalk.  

While the snacks had been enough to keep the hungrys at bay a for a little while, after the decision was made to walk the Ocean City boards, I really wanted a slice of pizza from Manco & Manco.  The weather was warm and humid, and a bit hazy.  There was a perfect ocean breeze blowing our hair back as we walked.   Curley Fries and Kohrs Bros were also stopped at before we headed back.  

Chris and Frank were impressed with Ocean City NJ, and Bill and I were happy to bring them.  I, once again, felt proud of my home state.   

Sadly, Bill and I needed to start work at 5, so Chris and Franks started their journey back to MD.  It was truly awesome meeting them and (hopefully) we were able to help them by talking with them and answering questions about the full-time RV lifestyle.  I’ve said it before, the #1 reason I do my blog is for me, second is for family and friends, and third is to pay it forward – there are plenty of others who’ve gone before us, and who continue to teach us things.  It’s only fair to give back what little I can.  It is very rewarding when I get to hear first hand in person that I’ve helped someone.   

It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that! 

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  1. It’s always so nice when you meet up with someone and just ‘click.’ We’re just weeks away from finally hitting the road, and as much as I love the traveling, I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most, meeting and making new friends. I hope our paths can cross someday. Til then, safe travels. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading! We totally clicked! Hope to meet you guys someday and do some more “clicking!” Meeting up with awesome like-minded people is one of the best part of this lifestyle for sure!

  2. Kelly, I always love your blogs but I have to say that I think this is the best one yet LOL. You had some of the same thoughts as I did, what if we get there and it is a bust, or you really are not the same as what you put out in your blogs each and every time. Our kids thought we were crazy going to meet strangers as they put it. But really on the drive there I was not worried at all. I felt like I knew the person that you would be and you truly are that very special person that I read about time and time again. You always put a smile on my face, you always look at life as the glass half full and not half empty and you make the best of everything. Even with the rain coming down it was still a great and wonderful day. I would do it over in a heartbeat. The day was wonderful, the company was even better. We learned so much about you and Bill, the lifestyle and got so many tips on ways to improve our home when we get it in a year or two. And yes, I have told everyone about the NJ boardwalk. I can’t stop talking about it. It was so nice, big and beautiful and so clean. I was so impressed. The pizza, fries and ice cream were all so yummy. Frank and I can’t thank you and Bill enough for all of your hospitality and the yummy snacks. You both are very, very special people and I would be so proud to be able to call you my friend. Please tell Bill (and Callie) we said hello. Thanks again so much. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I thought you might like it! Ha! So glad you guys drove up and spent the day with us! Thanks again for everything! Bill says hello and Callie says “meow”

  3. It is amazing when you meet a reader. It is strange that they know you better than you know them. We hope to meet you two one day.

    1. That is very strange how well blog readers can know us! Chris choose the gifts knowing we would love them! Perfect! We sure do hope to share a campfire with you guys someday!

  4. I think your writing is just fine, and is only increased in value by paying it forward! 🙂

    1. Isn’t the plaque adorbs? And small enough to fit! I’ve seen larger ones that were too big – this one is perfect! Very thoughtful!

  5. Let’s see. Manco and Manco. Curly Fries. Kohrs Bros. Do I sense a pattern here? Obviously, I love that you put yourself out there and are willing to meet up with strangers. You can make some great friends that way. Ask me how I know! 🙂 Love ya!

  6. Karen and I have now meet four couples who are on the road full time. Us being future-timers and having a chance to meet in person is a very special thing. I followed all four couples blogs and other than one, Karen was not reading them. Never once have we felt like we were not welcome to come out and visit. Every time it took maybe 15 minutes to get to know one another. At the end of each meeting we felt like we would like to get to know the couple better, and certainly meet again. Seems as if “like minded people” live this lifestyle. At least the ones I’ve met.

    It was interesting to read about the other side of the equation, that being the full timer being met with. I don’t know if you had a chance to do the same before you left full time or not. It is a very special treat for us future-timers. I know when Karen and I have an appointment to meet someone I count the days until then. We also like to treat them to diner or whatever and hope it is a good break from their day and not just something they feel they have to do. I’ve learned a great deal during these meetings because we get to see someone else living the life in the wild rather than on a blog or forum.

    1. Bill didn’t read any blogs before we left – I read a couple. I am a member of RV-Dreams forum and I read it constantly. The first couple we met were Cori & Greg and they were still in planning stages like us. After we met them, we signed up to go to the spring 2014 rally. Before going there, I reached out to members who seemed to be in about the same planning stage as us and also similar ages. That allowed us to have “tentative” friends upon arrival. It worked out wonderfully – cannot say enough good things about attending one! We are still very close friends with most of the people we met there.

      I don’t think it ever occurred to me to reach out and meet a blogger before we left. I can imagine it would have been helpful and exciting! But the rally serviced a similar purpose for us.

  7. How cool is that! When we run into people that read our blog they usually recognize Daisy before anything else. I guess I know where we stand!

  8. We used to be the ones to drive miles to see fellow RVers. Isn’t it amazing how ‘virtual friends can become close friends?

  9. Hi Kelly, love this post!! You said it so perfect!! Sometimes I write and don’t hear anything and wonder if any one reads it!! But then I think well at least I have record of where we have been and what!!! My mind forgets!!!
    We are meeting up with a couple in Maine this week. We first met them in Q and they now read our blog so it will be great fun to see them again!! Hugs to you and Bill!! See ya soon!!!

  10. Great post Kelly, new friends are great gift 🙂
    Like your friends Jim and Diana, we have ready hit it off they are super people 🙂

  11. That is so awesome. Super glad you got to meet some readers and how nice on the presents!! I think you are exactly like what you write, but then again I know you. Totally get the anxiety about that

  12. I’m not great in commenting, bad me. We’ve made so many great friends from reading blogs and then meeting in person. RV’ers and bloggers in particular are some of the friendliest easy going people out there. You sure seem to be enjoying your time on the NJ shore…our best friends from our previous life are from there so have heard lots of stories about the NJ shore. Looks like you’ve found a great place to workamp this summer.

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