Year 3 Musings & Rememberances…

By now I’m sure you’ve read the first 2 year 3 Summaries – what do the numbers say?  In case you missed them – here are links:

What Do the Numbers Say Part 1Part 2
This post will not contain numbers – will appeal to the more touchy feely emotional stuff.  

Bill and I’ve been out here, on the road, for three full years.  Some days it doesn’t seem quite real –  I feel like I need to pinch myself – others it feels almost like we’ve never lived any  other way.  

I occasionally get to chat with full-time RV “wanna-be’s” (for lack of a better way of saying it). Those who know me will laugh when I say this – but I can seriously talk about our lifestyle all day long.  If someone wants my impressions, opinions and knowledge – Bill and I are always up for sharing. We have literally never gotten bored with it.  

This past year we’ve had the privilege of meeting two couples this year who sought us out after reading this blog.  

The first, Helen & Pat, opened their driveway and home to us on our way out of AK.  We had hoped for more than the one night to get to know this awesome couple and their family, but weather chased us out.  We enjoyed a delish home cooked dinner; and discussed living full-time on the road well into the night.  Their generosity still brings a tear to my eye – they didn’t know us at all, except through the blog and a forum we are both members of.  That’s RVers – most of us anyway.  

The next couple we met with drove about 2 1/2 hours EACH WAY to come to our summer job and spend the day with us!  AND brought the most thoughtful presents! Chris, and her husband, Frank, were curious about all things RV’ing and once again – we talked like old friends for hours!  

I must tell you, even though I’ve said it before – these 2 experiences were very humbling.  People we had never met were so generous and open with us, I struggle to describe it.  

Grateful is one word that comes to mind.  Bill and I are very grateful for this lifestyle.  It is the fulfillment of a dream we didn’t always know we had.  Grateful for the friends we’ve met, the list is so long – it’s amazing!  We don’t see each other often, but we read each other’s blogs and when we do get together – it’s like we’ve never been apart.  

Having those friendships, coupled with the places we’ve gone and things we’ve gotten to do, is what full-time RV’ing is all about – and what makes it so amazing!  

The question still most frequently asked – would we do this again?  Sell it all, house and 95% of contents, and leave for parts unknown in a 40′ 5th wheel – towing our home on wheels an average of 11,000 miles a year?  Would we?  You betcha!  No hesitation – no second guesses – no turning back.  

The one thing a lot of people say is they wish they had left sooner, hadn’t second guessed their dream, hadn’t thought “we cannot do that!” I can honestly say, as much as it would have been nice to do it sooner, our timing was perfect for us.  

We had raised our kids; they were both moved out and had been for over a year; we were confident they wouldn’t be back.  I was unemployed and Bill was not happy in his job. It was time and we seized the moment – and we’ve never looked back.  

Since it wouldn’t be my blog without pics – are some of our fav pics from year 3 – hope you enjoy them!

View out my AK home from door
Road to Haines AK
Almost a traffic jam – leaving AK
Grizzly getting snowed on – leaving AK
Goddaughter Quynn
Angela, Avianna and Will
Meeting the in-laws-to-be!
Michelle, Jaime and Billy
Lancaster PA
Bill and Cindy
Ocean City NJ
Bob & Lynn
Crew from Country Oaks
Jo & Ben visit
Bill & I with Steve & Debbie
Seagull on Ocean City NJ Beach!
Guy & Sue visit with Bill & I to Cape May
Bill & I with Gene & Eileen – Cape May Lighthouse
With Steven & Linda down the shore!
Bill & I with Linda at St John UMC – we were married there!
More Jersey Shore
Food tasting at the wedding venue – delicious!
Billy with Callie – the cat in the box!
Bill & I with Jo & Ben near New Bern NC
Ben had been a bad boy!
Hungry seagull
Relaxing in the hot tub with Elizabeth-Anne & Morris
Noam getting a top award!
Bike ride with Sharon & David
Diana enjoying a strawberry milkshake
My parents – Joe & Barbara
Bill & I visiting Ellen & Mario
Bill & I with Jim & Diana
My parents and sister and I
Cousin Jane

Drive by visit with Cori, Greg & Hobie!

I’d like to invite my readers – YOU! – to comment below about your experience – the great, the good and even the ugly and regrets. We have found that the communication between RVers is one of the most rewarding things about our lifestyle. Sure, we have friendships that preceded our leaving “home”, and we maintain them; RVers are just a different sort. Most we’ve met, even just casually in a campground, are open to sharing their experiences and knowledge. You just never know when you might pick up a helpful hint or interesting tidbit.  Cant wait to read your stories! 

25 thoughts on “Year 3 Musings & Rememberances…

  1. Always look forward to your posts! Us “future-timers” learn a lot from those willing to share in such detail.

    Wonderful photos and a great way to sum it all up.

    We planned to leave for our future in an RV in 2023 originally, then found a way to move it up to hopefully the end of 2019. Anything earlier would have caused unnecessary financial concerns. It so wonderful to see when others have spent a few years out there and would do it all again; really adds to my confidence level.

    1. Thanks Mark! I’m sure you are going to love it! Having your financial stuff in order will make it easier to enjoy with less worry! Shaving 4 years off your leave date is awesome!

  2. I love the photo of us, but I really love the photo of the church we were married in! Honestly, if there was a book with WTF moments of fulltimers, our weddings in that church and how we met would be one of them. 🙂 So happy we will see you again in less than a month!!!

    1. You are so right! That’s prob the craziest coincidence I’ve ever heard!
      Looking forward to catching up in person in C’ville!

  3. I’m happy to see you blogging more! As always, we love your pictures (thank you for including Kitty Kitty Meow Meow).
    I don’t have any helpful hints, hacks, or insightful stories because I’m not a full timer, I am a first year seasonal that benefits from full timers knowledge, experiences, and hacks. Bill has taught us so much, and he was always available for advice.
    We met Bill and Kelly April 2017 at Country Oaks and quickly cemented a friendship. We talked and laughed about anything and everything (10:30 hot dogs will always be a thing), we shared meals, and saved pool side spots for each other. Basically, our first year as a seasonal was awesome because of these two people.
    We miss you guys, and look forward to your blogs. We know we will see you crazy kids again. I’ll have the hot dogs ready.

    1. Thanks Tina! We love you guys! Our summer would have not been nearly as awesome if we hadn’t met you guys! I’m sure we will find ourselves back in NJ and visiting Country Oaks!

  4. We feel honored that we were in your year three highlights!!! RV-Dream class of 2014 ROCKS🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  5. Awesome post! You sure have been to a lot of places this year. Hope our paths cross again soon.

  6. Kelly, WOW what great pictures. Love them all. I always get so excited when I see that you put out a new blog. Of course I love this one with a mention of us again. 🙂 Frank and I still talk about that day when we came to visit you. It was such a wonderful day and we learned so much. You have taught us so much by your blog and we can’t wait till the day we are out on the road as well. I always say I wish it could be sooner rather than later but we are getting there. I hope in less than two years!!!! The Hershey show was amazing and just made us even more excited for all of this to happen. I hope you get to have some time to rest and relax before the wedding and before it is time to move on again. Take care and enjoy your week.

    1. We very much enjoyed our time with you and Frank! We also spent a day at the Hershey show, with a friend who is looking to buy her first RV. Needless to say, she was overwhelmed! Looking forward to the day we can catch up with you and Frank and share a campfire!

  7. Oh how I look forward to reading your latest blog entries!

    We are wrapping up our 2nd year of fulltiming and you hit the nail on the head with regards to the question “would you have done it sooner”……same with us, we researched full timing lifestyle for a long time, while we were part-timers for years. Neither of us were happy with our jobs, too much corporate BS and the time was right to sell our house. That was the tough decision, sell or rent as it was our dream home. We sold and we don’t miss it at all.

    I don’t think of our workamping jobs as “work” it is more like being paid to socialize and meet people and provide good customer service representing our employer.

    The beauty of full timing is being able to roll on down the road when you are ready and staying put if you aren’t ready.

    We have met so many wonderful people in our 2 years, and a few that we shake our heads over as well! We like you look forward to many more years of this lifestyle.

    Looking forward to future blog entries you do such a great job whether its regarding RV repairs or sharing your life experiences on the road.

  8. Lots of nice memories for you guys! We can honestly say that we are happy to be traveling again, but will be happy to get back to California in November. After sitting almost a year, we were out of practice! It will be nice to get to Pennsylvania to see George’s family. October 1 starts our 6th year of fulltiming, and there will be more memories to be made!

    1. It does feel weird packing up to move after a long time! When/where will you be in PA? We are near Somerset through Oct 10 or 11. Let me know if you will be nearby.

      1. We’ll be staying in Dallas, just north of Wilkes-Barre, but getting there around 10/9. 240 miles away! Maybe not this time, but we’ll be there for a month.

  9. We have been keeping up with your travels for a couple years now and can’t wait to join you out on the open road next year!! It has been a long time in the planning stages but we are finally getting to the prize!! Your blog has been a great help and continues to inspire us!!! Keep up the great blog and hope to meet you out on the road!

  10. Thanks for posting this and including us in your review. Last May we started our fourth year fulltiming. I can still remember meeting you and Bill that first day at the 2014 RV Dreams Spring Rally. The first campfire at Lee and Tracy’s. Who knew that four years later we would still be running into each other and other Dreamers as we crisscross the US. We are grateful we can travel around see the country and spend extended time with each of our five kids. The lower 48 has become our neighborhood and the 2014 Dreamers have become our neighbors.

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