Leaving Jersey…

The bride-to-be headed home, leaving Bill and I with 12 days til we would be moving west.  We planned 5 nights at our home Elks Lodge in Ephrata.  Our next stop would then be out to Somerset for the wedding!  

When Michelle left, the rig felt so large!  In such a small space, having 3 adults vs 2 caused it to feel a bit tight.  We didn’t mind at all, we enjoyed every moment with our daughter!  

All of a sudden we realized there were things we wanted to do before we left, and time was running out! There was a list of things we wanted to do one last time,  last pizza, last Verona custard, last walk on the boards and so on.  

There was one thing I had been wanting to do since we arrived and just hadn’t done.  It was mostly due to laziness and late nights.  Finally I dragged myself out of bed, was dressed, in the car, and at the beach in time for the sunrise over the Atlantic.  It is truly one of my favorite things.  The peacefulness as the sky turns all shades of pink and gold makes for a great start to any day.  

Only a few minutes to go! Love catching the gulls in flight!

Would LOVE to own one of those homes – can you imagine that? If ever we hit the lottery!

Another priority was have our friends, Tina, Monique, Dan and Will over for dinner.  We all love appetizers for dinner – so that’s what we did. They had welcomed us into their circle and treated us like family.  They had campfires ready to go every Friday and Saturday nights after work, Bill and I would stop home and change out of our staff shirts and then walk down to their seasonal site, drinks in hand, ready to relax.  It was getting rude that we hadn’t reciprocated.  

Ut oh!
Who doesn’t love Bills buffalo wings?
Bill and Dan
Will, Tina and Monique
Another night we joined the gang for dinner at one of their fav restaurants.  

Very cool outside seating area
Double Eagle Saloon
Dan, Tina, Will, Mo, me, Bill

We happily took our friends, Tony & Ulrica, up on their invite to join them for a Labor Day picnic at their house.  While I didn’t get any people pics, they sure can put out an awesome food spread! 

Loved the beach theme!
But wait – there’s MORE!
Our last Jersey corn of the season – delish!

We took our last walk around Country Oaks for the season.  It was bittersweet for sure!  We enjoyed our time there very much!  We loved meeting everyone at the campground! We loved being able to spend time with Jersey family and friends! We loved acting as tour guides for our visiting RV’ing friends! We loved our walks on the boards and toes in the sand at the beach! 

It’s easy to tell it’s a weekday – no one around!

Our Country Oaks summer home – parked next to our co-workers, Debbie & Joe

The office/store – where I spent my days
One last peek at the pool

What’s not to love? ❤️ We will miss you Country Oaks, but was time for us to move on!  Thanks for awesome memories!

10 thoughts on “Leaving Jersey…

  1. Kelly, when I came into work this morning and saw you had posted a new blog I was so excited and couldn’t wait to read it. Work can wait a little bit LOL. I love the pictures. The sunrise pictures are beautiful. Time is going so fast. Hard to believe that the wedding is so close and then you are back on the road. Summer seemed to fly by. I hope you can have some much needed rest and relaxation. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    1. Thanks Chris! We are under two weeks to go! We aren’t in a panic or anything so it’s all good! We are getting stuff done and chilling in between. Hope you have a great week also!

  2. Looks like a great summer…walking across the street to watch the sunrise on the beach is one of my favorite things also🎉🎉

  3. What a great summer 😎 Not long till the big wedding day ☺
    Get sunrise photos. I hope to get some the next couple of weeks.
    Plan on spending some time on the Carolina Coast before starting my winter job in Georgia the end of October.
    Best wishes and safe travels to you guys and a great time at the wedding too 😊

  4. Ahhhh Bills wings ! I made those the other night delicious. So glad you were able to catch the sunrise and happy for you that you had such a great time in Jersey!

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