Denali National Park *Riley Creek Campground* July 2016

We stayed at this campground to see the BIG mountain, which, you will learn after reading the post linked below, we didn’t see.  Our is only and best view was from Talkeetna.  At least we saw some of it!

This is a very nice CG, but it is dry camping.  There is a water fill and dump station.  Bill had to run our generator b/c of all the clouds and no sun for solar.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the way you make a reservation and find a site; basically you reserve a site size and then choose and actual site when you arrive.  If we had our car with us, that wouldn’t have been bad, but I hate driving around with the rig looking for a spot.  We did find a nice one and got parked with no problems, I just always wonder what would have happened if there weren’t any large enough to choose from b/c someone had parked in the wrong size site.

This CG is part of Denali National Park, and is right inside the entrance.  It is very convenient, allowing you to come and go as you wish, unlike the further into the park CG, Teklanika, where you can only enter on arrival and exit when leaving for good.  We know people who stayed there, and they liked it, but after a couple days felt “stuck”.  Not sure I’d like that aspect either, although the upside of staying there would be the ability to purchase a “Tek pass” allowing you to ride the shuttle deeper into the park as much as you want during your stay.

Denali info here :  Riley Creek CG