Quartzsite *La Posa South LTVA* Feb-Mar 2016

This is not actually a CG, instead it is BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land that people can boondock on for a very nominal fee – $40 for up to 2 weeks or $180 for the whole season, I believe November through April.  Like I said, very nominal fee!  (btw – LTVA stands for Long Term Visitor Area)

There are areas nearby that you can camp for free, but this area was chosen by our friends b/c there are some services there, dump stations and water filling.  You basically pull in, pay your fee and camp wherever you want in the open desert.  The area is HUGE!

Our friends that had arrived before us had already set up and had a spot picked out for us.  I am saying spot, but I use that term lightly – it is not a formal spot at all, just a place that when we parked, it completed a bit of a circle – or more of an oval – with other rigs with an area in the middle used for gatherings.  This was our first spot anyway.

I said first spot because after a week or so, we left for 3 nights before returning and choosing a second site, near other friends, but still within La Posa South.

It is hard to describe to those who haven’t seen anything like it honestly.  Several people had tried to explain it to us, we couldn’t imagine or picture it before seeing it for ourselves.  Then, of course, the descriptions made perfect sense.

While we very much enjoyed our time in Quartzsite (links below to read all about it) – I’m not sure it is something we would do on our own.  To spend time with friends and save on CG fees, it is great, and maybe we’d spend a week or so, but probably not more than that by ourselves.   Some people love it, and maybe we just didn’t spend enough time to fully appreciate it.  There are tons of people around, lots with ATV type vehicles to explore the area.  There is a small town with laundromats, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.   Of course, in January there is the RV show, which we missed.

Another great perk of staying here is the ability to spend the day in the Mexican town of Los Algodones – what fun!

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