Eating Out

On this page, I will be adding places Bill and I go out to eat.  We LOVE to eat out!  Sadly, that can be a HUGE budget buster, so I plan to let you know the cost of the meal so if you want to go there, there are no surprises when you open the menu.  Not eating out so much is one way we plan to keep the budget under control, so when we do go out we plan to do our research and find only the BEST places to go!  We plan to use TripAdvisor and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives mostly (at least until we find other resources.)

Just to get it started, I will add one of our first favorite restaurants now:

Frank and Diannah’s Arbor Inn – Reading, PA                                                      We first ate at this restaurant for our anniversary when we first moved to this area.  They make the BEST lamp chops and also the BEST Southern Comfort Sour!  Bill loves their Malaysian seafood combo (not sure that is the exact name).  All their desserts are delicious, especially the Creme’ Brulee.  Frank is always around checking up on things, making sure everyone is taken care of.  They have very high standards and it shows.  This is a special occasion only place, as it is a bit pricey – don’t think we have ever gotten out of there for under $100, but we’ve been there about twice a year since we’ve lived here (11 years) and we have never been disappointed!


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