Rockwood (near Somerset) *Scottyland Camping Resort CG* Nov 2016

We landed at Scottyland mostly because it was the one CG still open anywhere near our daughter in November.  Others, including the State Parks, had already closed, leaving us with no options.  This was our home for a month.

Scottyland has a lot of seasonals, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, except a lot of them are very old and run down, causing the park to feel old and run down.  They also have some mobile home and park models in the park, and their newer section has nice views and is kept nice.  We stayed in the transient area, as most of the park was shut down for the winter.  Our site was tight to get into, in spite of initially appearing open, as there were rocks, a couple branches and posts in the way.

not only is this extremely unattractive, it looks completely unsafe; this is just one of many similar RV’s in this park

There is a pool, which was closed, but it looked nice, and was pretty big.  We walked around the park and enjoyed the crisp fall air and views of the changing leaves.

I wasn’t impressed with this park.  There is a chance I’d get a totally different vibe when they are more open, but somehow I doubt it.  We appreciate having a place to stay, and we weren’t there for the park, but just for visiting.  Sadly, there wasn’t anything there that made me say “Yes!  We’ll be back!”  If we had no other options, then I would go back, but that’s about it.

So, dear friends, this is a rare “Leave “Em”.

We did a lot while we stayed here, you can check it out if you’d like:  Hanging in PAPlanning a Wedding! , and Sometimes Time Moves Too Fast…