Santa Barbara *Cachuma Lake Recreation Area* March 2016

This was a very nice park!  We stayed in the dry camping area, instead of the RV camping area, to save some money.  I may not have done that except Jo & Ben, who we were visiting in that area, had checked it out and said we would be fine.  It worked out great!  They had a water fill and dump station for us to use.  Funny thing when we checked in at the ranger station gate, the ranger commented to us that we “accidentally” booked ourselves into a tent site, and wanted to fix it for us.  We said “will we fit into the current site?” and he replied yes, but no hook-ups.  We told him that was fine – we wanted that site.  He then looks at us and says “why do you want to rough it?”  I leaned across Bill a bit and said “Have you seen what we are towing?  No roughing it for us!”  Thankfully, it was sunny the whole time we were there, didn’t have to get out a generator at all!

Normally, there are a lot of boating opportunities at Cachuma Lake, but sadly, the whole area was in drought conditions for several years, causing the lake to be so low, no boats were out on it.  The dock was way above the water level.

We saw the “usual” campground area from a distance, but didn’t drive into it.  I can tell you the rigs that were there looked very close together – I’m so glad we didn’t pay more to be so crowded!

This park was a good location, with lots of places to see and visit nearby – as you can read in the post about the area:  Cachuma Lake