Toms River *Surf and Stream Campground* Aug 2015

We loved the location of this CG.  I wish I could say we LOVED this CG!  Sadly, the whole place is in need of a LOT of TLC.  More accurately said, it needs a complete overhaul.

We stayed here on Passport America, which to be honest, if we had to pay their full asking price of $56 per night, we would have moved on, but for half that on the Jersey Shore, we were willing to put up with the negatives.

I do have to say, in their defense, they do have a really nice common area with a fire pit and tables set up for larger gatherings, which is nice since the site sizes are pretty small on most of them.

On the other side, the CG is full of seasonal’s, which by itself isn’t a bad thing, except our 2014 rig was the newest by like 25  years, and no I’m not kidding.  If those VERY old rigs were well kept, cared for, clean, neat and tidy – I wouldn’t care, but the place looks like a dump site for old trailers.  It is really sad b/c it could be nice.  They could also use some grass, it was all dirt and gravel.

Another issue is that the CG is on a fairly busy road and you can hear the road noise (at least where we were) very loudly.  I know they can’t do anything about the road, but maybe some trees and bushes as screening (more than the old worn out ugly picket fence), could go a long way to helping out with that.

Another point:  we became quickly aware that the management was less than helpful to the staff in helping to correct issues.  On the day before we were leaving, they moved a trailer to a site across from us, which was sticking way out into the street, maybe 10 inches, and the street is narrow to begin with.  Now, Jo and Craig were in (what was supposed to be) a pull through site, but there was NO WAY, they could get past this trailer, so they needed to back out.  Backing out was difficult b/c of where a fence was, so they guys just took the piece of fence out to make it easier for them to back out.  The guys said they told the manager and he ignored them, so please make a complaint.  Bill and I were also parked in what was supposed to be a pull through, but there was no way we could pull out b/c of trees.  Bill had no trouble backing out, so I would say the site was a pull-in/back-out site.

So, unless we had no other choices, and/or they make a lot of improvements, we will have to call this CG a “Leave ‘Em”, which is really sad b/c the location is great for us visiting Bill’s brother and my brother and friends.