Marion *Tom Johnson Rally Park Campground* May 2015

We stayed at Tom Johnson while attending a RV-Dreams Rally.  There are 2 different campgrounds, although they are right next to one another.  They also have a sales center and a very nice service center, as well as a restaurant.

The rally park has a very nice pavilion to use for rally stuff.  It was plenty large enough for the 100’ish attendees.  We had quite a few meals there and a lot of the rally activities.

The campground itself is nice and well kept.   Bordering the campground on one side is a small creek, which we had a fire near 2 nights.  The water was a bit low, but usually you can kayak or canoe on it.

There wasn’t any cable (not sure if there is at the regular campground), but we had a good Verizon signal.