Canyon Lake (north of San Antonio) *Cranes Mill Park* Feb 2016

We were told about this park by friends and fellow RV Dreamers, Cori & Greg, of The Restless Youngs.  It was our first COE park and we LOVED it!  HUGE sites with awesome views!  All this for a great price!

Only downside is you get locked out at night when they lock the gate.  Yes, I’m serious!  We had to walk down, leaving the truck at the entrance, one night returning after curfew.  Thankfully it was a nice night and not raining, as it was a half mile’ish walk!

We stayed here while visiting San Antonio area, which was an easy ride away.

Link to post: Cranes Mill Park  It may initially look like the wrong post, but it isn’t – its our second stop in TX.