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If you like a Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy that means you like the ginger lime combination. It also means you will love this easy to make Ginger Lime Vodka. And it’s only 4 ingredients. The inspiration for this drink came from a non-alcoholic drink I found in one of my daughters cookbooks.  I made it and didn’t like it because it was to bitter. So I made lots of changes and soaked the ginger and lime in vodka. Better but still a tad bitter and not a good balance between the ginger, lime, and sweetness. After several more iterations I came up with something I like a lot. It has nice ginger heat that offsets the alcohol burn, a bright lime note and a sweetness that adds to the overall balance.

Here is the ingredients list to make a 750ml of 80 proof Vodka.

12 oz of Everclear 190 proof Vodka

8 ozs of Lime Juice, ( about 6 juicy limes)

4 oz of Ginger thinly sliced

4 oz of Agave Nectar

Note:  If you cannot find the 95% alcohol (190 proof) Everclear, you can use 80 or 100 proof Vodka. The end product will not be as potent and you will want to soak it longer. Some states (Like PA, do sell Everclear but the proof is knocked down to 151 proof).

Place the thinly sliced Ginger and Everclear in a one quart Mason jar or similar. Let rest overnight (longer if you want more ginger heat, shorter time for less heat).

Ginger sliced thin, no need to remove skin
Let rest in jar overnight (give it a shake once in a while)
Now that the ginger has given all its goodness to the spirits you can filter through a fine screen funnel (or similar) into a 750ml or larger bottle.

Ginger slices draining
Add the balance of the ingredients to the Bottle and shake well.

Juice of 6 limes
Any brand works


Amazon has an excellent value on Agave Nectar at only $.22/ounce.  Buy it here by clicking the image. 

That’s it!  Depending on how hydrated the Ginger is you may get a bit less than 750ml.

I keep the bottle in the fridge or freezer to help make a really cold drink.

You will get some natural separation that is purely asthetic. I actually tried the clear and cloudy components and they taste almost identical.

It’s great straight on the rocks and makes an outstanding Ginger Lime Margarita!

Ginger Lime Margarita

1 ounce of Ginger Lime Vodka

1 ounce Tequila

1/2 ounce Triple Sec or Grand Marnier (optional, it’s still awesome without it)

1 ounce of water (this will bring the proof down to a “normal” margarita, adjust to your personal preference)

1 cup of ice

Pour ingredients into cocktail mixer and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.  Strain into a salt rimmed Margarita glass and SMILE!

I always use a cocktail mixer when making a drink containing fruit juice. There are three equally important reasons for this.  First it gets the drink really COLD (should be shaken vigorously for 15 seconds).  Second it releases some flavor compounds and incorporates air that improves the flavor from fruit.  Third is creates a froth that tastes and looks good.  If you don’t have a cocktail mixer GET ONE, you will be surprised the difference it makes.

I found a quality, inexpensive bar kit on Amazon with great reviews. You can purchase with the link below.


You can substitute simple syrup, plain sugar, or honey for the Agave Nectar. The Agave Nectar flavor does compliment the ginger lime combination.  Also, keep in mind is you change sweeteners that 2/3 cup of Agave Nectar is equal to 1 cup of sugar due to its higher sweetness index.

You can also substitute Vodka instead of Everclear but you will not end up with an 80 proof finished product and it will have less ginger flavor and heat.

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6 thoughts on “BKAO-Snippet-Homemade Ginger Lime Vodka

  1. I was thinking margarita while reading your snippet, glad you can recommend that too. The gotcha is I want one now!, not tomorrow 🙂

  2. Wow, this drink is so flavorful! Thanks for sharing the recipe! I think we need to try the coconut version. So many things to try! 🙂

  3. I absolutely love Moscow Mule! I will have to try this, but I’ve never heard of Everclear. I’ll have to keep it in mind next time I’m at a liquor store! Might just have to try the vodka as maybe I can’t wait til I find it!

    1. Everclear is 190 proof vodka – ask at the counter – they can tell you if they have it and where it is!

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