Trapper Creek *Trapper Creek Inn and RV Park* July 2016

This park was a good stop-over on our way to Denali NP and convenient to also see Talkeetna .  I chose it for those reasons, and also we wanted to see it in person, as we had job offers there that we declined after accepting Gary’s offer.

The location was great – and the CG area was nice.  There were trees, which is somewhat unusual, and didn’t have the “parking lot” feel most CG’s in AK do.  There is a store that sells sundry items and some basic RV items, an ice cream counter (which we sampled – YUMMY!) and laundry facilities which looked well maintained and clean.  I’m not sure if it is part of the Inn and RV Park, but there is also a gas station.

Read about our stay there here:  Trapper Creek Inn and RV Park