Bushnell *Sumter Oaks Campground* Mar 2015

This was our first stay at an Escapees Campground.  The rates are very reasonable and we were looking to make up a little for how much we spent in the more southern areas of FL.  This was also a good location b/c it was about mid-way between my parents and Orlando.  This was important b/c my son and his fiance’ were going to be visiting and we wanted to be not too far from either place.

The CG itself was nice enough.  A bit older and maybe needing a bit of TLC, but overall it was nice.  The roads are dirt and got a bit muddy when it rained.  There are lots of trees, I believe they are pin oaks, and they sure do make a mess.  The water and electric was all good.  They have a laundry that is older, but worked out fine.  Our Verizon signal was ok.  Cable isn’t offered.

One of the good things about this park is they allow you to wash your rig and vehicles on site.  This was really good, especially considering that their trees made such a mess.  Bill was able to clean the whole rig while we were there.  Everyone was very friendly.

Our last morning before pulling out, we were able to get our rig weighed and measured.  This is a great service they offer to people staying in their parks.  We had just gotten weighed at the boondocking rally, but that was with full fresh tank and we wanted to see where the weight differences would be.

This was not our favorite park, we would stay here again, mostly b/c the price was so reasonable, but if it weren’t for that, we probably wouldn’t.  I am finding it hard to say whether it is a “Like ‘EM” or “Leave ‘Em” for that reason.

Also, when looking back though pics, I do not have any of the CG.  There are some on their website if you want to check them out there.

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