Tarentum (near Pittsburgh) *Mountain Top Campground* Sept 2014; Sept 2015

fog in the valley below us

fog in the valley below us

the view behind us

the view behind us

early on our first morning

early on our first morning

We stayed at this campground while visiting our daughter, who lives in Pittsburgh.  I found it online and it had mixed reviews, but then I noticed that it was under new ownership.  I decided to call and give it a try.

The campground it literally on top of a mountain.  It is not very big, meaning size wise or number of sites, but it is open and has lots of room for big rigs, and plenty of grass for under Cocoa’s paws!  The views are amazing!  This campground does not have a lot of amenities, no pool, no camp store, nothing like that, most sites don’t even have FHU’s, just water and electric.  I was unsure of that part, but Gary, one of the new owner’s explained how the “honey wagon” comes around once a week and drains your black tank.  Your gray water is continually draining into their french drain system along the edge of the property.   I have to tell you – it worked out great for us!  My daughter even came and stayed 2 days/nights with us and we were still fine.  I guess it depends how big your black tank is; they can come around more often, or they have a dump station, but we were fine.

Another notable thing about the campground is the lack of noise!  It is so quiet and peaceful!

The new owners were eager to please, but Bill and I don’t require much!

There isn’t a whole lot more I can say, except we will stay there again when we visit our daughter!

This place is definitely a LIKE ‘EM!

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