Longmont *Boulder Fairgrounds* Oct 2016

This was our first “destination” after leaving Alaska.  We heard about this from a friend we met at Amazon, and then spent time with again in Q, Bert.  I was so glad he told us about it because it was a great location and good price for our stay there.

Having said that, it is small and tight.  Most sites do not have sewer hook-up, only the few pull-thru’s.  We opted for a non-sewer site, as we were only staying a week and it isn’t a big deal for us to not have sewer for a week.  There is a dump station right there.  Bill did have to pull out of the CG and go back in to be facing the right way, but no big deal.  Must have looked weird when we arrived, as we pulled in and dumped first, then found a site (you do get to pick your own) and then pull back in to park.  There is a bathhouse, but you need to get a code to get into the building and there wasn’t anyone there when we arrived.  Thankfully, we didn’t NEED the bathhouse because there wasn’t anyone there to give us a code the whole time we were there.  So, if you want to stay there, please be aware of this.

Location wise, it was very convenient for visiting our Goddaughter, Quynn, who lives in Louisville and works in Boulder.  We also drove up to Estes Park easily from there.  It is in the middle of town, so a bit noisy, but it didn’t really bother us.  It is located within walking distance to some shopping and restaurants, and even a tap room!  There is a large animal shelter on the corner and we saw dogs being walked all the time.

What did we do while staying here? Check it out:  CO

Would we stay here again?  Yes – it’s a “Like ‘Em” for location only – the CG itself served it purpose but wasn’t anything to write home about.