East Stroudsburg (Poconos) *Mountain Vista Campground* Aug 2014

group shot - thanks to the guy in the site next to us!   front row: Ben, Bill and Jo back row:  Me, Eileen, Gene, Lee, Tracy, Cori and Greg  Hobie the dog down front
group shot – thanks to the guy in the site next to us!
Bill next to the totem!
Bill next to the totem!

We only stayed here for a 4-day weekend, and to be honest, we rarely left our site.  We were with a group and we just hung around and talked and ate and drank all weekend.  And what a great time we had!

The campground is VERY nice!  Large open interior roads, plenty of room for any size rig!  Very large pull-thru sites that were easy to get into and get out of!  Lots of trees, but none in the way and it does not feel closed in at all!  They have a lot of amenities (which I saw but didn’t use), a pool, skeet ball, basketball courts, tennis courts, all kinds of things like that to keep a family busy, plus they are also near a lot of Pocono activities!  The camp store has a nice supply of convenience items and they also have firewood.  There is an “off-lease” dog park, if you want to use it, they require that they see your dog’s up-to-date rabies certificate, which is actually a nice thing.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I had called to make a “group” reservation and they did their best and got us all near one another (except one couple who didn’t join the fun til the last minute!) and another couple in a cabin, but the 3 of us in rigs were all right next to one another, which was very nice!  Also, one evening someone was playing music very loudly and I called b/c it was way after quiet time and someone came right out on a golf cart and put an end to it!

One thing to be aware of:  they do not take credit cards at all!  I did remember I had to mail them a check for the deposit, but I guess I thought it was just for the deposit, and I slapped down my card to pay the balance and NOPE – no credit cards!  Thankfully I had the cash, but that could have been really embarrassing!  Although they were quick to point out the ATM right there in the store!

This is definitely a LIKE ‘EM!

3 thoughts on “East Stroudsburg (Poconos) *Mountain Vista Campground* Aug 2014

  1. Hi Kelly! Like your reviews. It would be really helpful to know the dates you were there and the price.

  2. Had almost 2 1/2 weeks moochdocking at our friends place in upstate NY and visited LOTS of friends (we used to live there several years ago). I did have to fly back to CA for my Grammas funeral, but we had a blast in NY. Just got to Vermont which we love, and enjoyed the gorgeous peak color and the drive, but the campground I had in mind just didn’t work out. Terrible, narrow roads, bridges that we were too heavy for, I came down with a cold, so we were frazzled by time we ended up choosing a KOA which is more than we like to spend. Oh, we almost ran out of gas too because we couldn’t turn around and actually ended up in MA before we could turn around on someones private property! How stupid we felt. So I’m scrambing trying to find another place more north in VT or we might move to central NH before visiting with Trace around the 15th. We love the state parks, but most here in VT are closed for the season and none have electric. During that crazy drive, we didn’t have any cell either so couldn’t call other campgrounds. Was almost humerous!

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