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On this page I will be adding recipes Bill and I love to make and eat!  We haven’t really done a whole lot of “cooking” in our rig yet, but we definitely plan to.  We might have to change the way we do a few things b/c of space restrictions, for example, we will have to do our yearly cookie baking for Christmas, Chili and Applesauce canning at someone’s house, not sure who yet – maybe YOU?  If you have any favorite recipes you would like for me to share, don’t hesitate to send them to me!

I do plan to try to put the recipes in some type of categories, breakfast, lunch/dinner, dessert, stuff we can, etc.

So, here’s my first “eating in” recipe:


Homemade Applesauce 


Items needed:  apples, water, large pot, food mill, spatula, cinnamon

 Apples (I prefer and only use Rome) – cored and quartered (DO NOT PEEL!)

small amount of water (about 2 Tablespoons per 10 apples)

1) put apples in pot with water, cover

2) cook for about 20 minutes, stirring frequently once it gets hot, don’t let the bottom burn!  Keep in mind the length of time for cooking depends on the size of pot, how many apples and flame, so keep watch.

3) after the apples are semi-soft to soft, remove from heat and let cool

4) place apples into food mill and turn handle to push them through,  be aware the skins will get caught, you will just have to clean it off every so often

5) add cinnamon to taste

If you make a lot at once, (I usually make 20 – 25lbs at once b/c we go picking them in the fall), you can “can” applesauce.  I know how to do that, but since I am not an expert, and that involves food safety, I would rather refer you to the experts on that.  You can go to and follow their instructions.

notes:  Some of you might be asking about adding sugar.  By using Rome apples, which are very sweet on their own, and especially by leaving the skins on, you do not need to add sugar.  If you use more tart apples (Granny Smith for example) you will need to add sugar, even if you leave the skins on.  Also, the applesauce might appear darker and/or redder than you are used to seeing.  This is also because of the skins being left on.  It is a pain to clean off the screen throughout the process, but trust me, it will be the BEST applesauce you have ever eaten!



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  1. I can tell you from personal experience…….Kelly’s recipes are delicious!! Give them a try.

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