The Man Cave -Mod's, Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades…

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve added a page to my blog!  I’m actually quite behind on a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do, so this is the first item getting attention!

This page is going to be all about the (mosly) manly things Bill has done with our rig.  Mod’s to make it more “homey” and better suited for us, as well as upgrades, maintenance, etc.  There will also be truck and car

Since I will want these things to continue to show up as a post, I will just be adding a link to the current/future blog posts.  I am doing it this way so when it is initially posted, it will still go out as an email to my faithful readers.  If I added it just as a “page” then no email goes out.  The advantage of adding it in a page also, instead of just leaving it as a post is, anyone wanting to more quickly find that post can look here and easily click the link.  Also, please be aware that most times the items I am highlighting here will be part of a blog post about other stuff as well, so just because you don’t may not see it right at the top, scroll down (or better yet just read the whole post!) to find it!

Backsplash Mod:  Backsplash

Adding Drawers in Pantry Closet:  Adding Pantry Closet Drawers

Adding Solar and Collision Repair:  Collision Repair in IN and start Solar InstallFinishing Solar

Shackles and Wheel Bearings:  Shackles and Wheel Bearings

Truck Brakes:  Truck Brakes

Tires and Changing Lights: Upgrading to H Tires

Strengthening Hitch:  Strengthening Hitch

RV Armor: RV Armor

Replace Furnace Mother-Board:  Furnace Fix

Replace Living Room A/C unit: A/C Fiasco

Repair Water Damaged Bedroom Slide Floor:  Bedroom Slide Floor Repair

Replacing Water Here: Water Heater Replacement