Shaking It Off

Yesterday was “one of THOSE days”.  Don’t know what it was, probably was a combo of many things added up to become a BIG thing in my head, but I had a BAD day.  I don’t have them much – luckily!  

I’ve been debating, over my morning coffee, what, if anything, I should say about this.  I guess first thing I should do is clarify what I mean by bad day.  Nothing “happened”.  I was just in a bad mood.  In a funk, as my Grandmother would call it.  On one of the forums I follow, I called it a “poor me/pity party” kind of day.  I HATE feeling that way.  I felt like everything I’ve been hoping for is not happening, from my house not being sold, to people I wanted to attend my party Saturday already having plans, and on and on and on.  And, then it all got blown up in my head.  What’s wrong with my house?  Why don’t people want to come to my party?  Which of course becomes “what’s wrong with ME?  (I warned you – it was a BAD day!)  

On top of just feeling bad, I HATE feeling like that.  I am usually a “glass half full” “silver lining on the black cloud” “it could always be worse” kind of person, almost to a fault.  I was frustrated that I could not pull myself up out of the muck. I am not good at wallowing, which I guess in itself is a good thing.

So, while checking out the forums I follow, I came across the thread I mentioned above.  It is titled “What is your philosophy of life?”  Seemed like something I should spend some time reading, maybe someone would say something that would cheer me up, put a different spin on what was swirling around in my head.  I don’t know that it pulled me fully out of the self-imposed dungeon in my head, but it did have a few “isms” I’d like to share here:

Don’t borrow from tomorrow

This too shall pass

Tomorrow is another day

Yesterday is history and can’t be changed, tomorrow is a mystery and can’t be controlled, today is a present so enjoy it.

Attitude equals altitude

It is better to play and lose than sit in the bleachers

If you aren’t living on the edge, you are taking up too much room

Winners never quit and quitters never win

Life is lived in perception, not reality

If you see someone without a smile, give them yours

Bloom where you are planted

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure

One Day at a Time

Fake it til you make it (a.k.a. Act as if) – this one is a personal fav of mine

I’m sure there are more out there, maybe my readers could share a few in their comments?  The important thing for me right now is I am starting a new day, doing my best to shake off yesterday and continue my week with a better, more positive outlook.  

One thing that did help – A LOT – is I did make it out to Zumba.  I really do love Zumba!  I will miss it when I am on the road.  I might have to tape my class a few times and take it with me.

So, I’m off.  To finish my coffee, to call my cousin, to cut the back yard grass (only got the front done yesterday), and continue to plan for my party, b/c those who are supposed to be here will be here, those who can’t make it will be missing out!

bye for now…

0 thoughts on “Shaking It Off

  1. No ‘isms to share, but in the whole scope of things, this is just a blip. Your house WILL sell and you WILL be on the road living life your way. Maybe not the exact timing you wanted, but next year, when there’s four feet of snow in PA, all of this will be bilp when you’re sitting at your campground on the beach!!

    1. Kelly, you’re on the right track with attitude….Thinking Positive brings Positive Results.
      There is a reason that the Windshield is larger than the Rear View Mirror….keep looking forward, everything in ‘today’ will be ‘history’ tomorrow. Stay focused on the positive like you’re doing.

      1. LOVE that about the windshield being larger than the rearview mirror! Thanks for the support – it means a lot!

  2. So true, this will just be a memory before you know it. Baby steps. We’ll all have to get together next summer!!

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