In search of warmer temps…

Seems laundry day is a good day to start a new blog post.  Probably b/c I have to sit and wait for it with nothing else to do.  I actually don’t mind it and I like the time to update you in what’s been happening.

We arrived at Sands of Time CG a week ago today, after a long day of driving.  It was our first time driving separate and I found it to be very stressful.  I led the way with the GPS set to RV mode.  It did come in handy, me having the car, b/c there was a rest/welcome place we were going to pull into but I was enough ahead that I was able to let him know not to pull in, as it was very small with nowhere for him to park.  We found having walkie-talkies VERY handy!  We were able to talk and point out things along the way to each other.  Bill says I need lessons in using them though, as my words got broken up sometimes and/or he would miss the beginning of what I was saying b/c I wasn’t fully holding the button.  I am hoping with experience the travel days will become less stressful.

This is my view when I look behind me, kitties all snug in their beds, bikes on the back and hubby driving behind me



I was very proud of my hubby – he drove the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels!  I think I was more nervous than he was!  We got through with no issues at all – and the views were amazing as always!   Since we weren’t stopping in Richmond area, we decided for the shorter route to save miles.


all set up in our new locale
all set up in our new locale
view behind us - lots of birds!
view behind us – lots of birds!
hubby getting stuff out of the back of the truck - notice his new toolbox?
hubby getting stuff out of the back of the truck – notice his new toolbox?

Since we’ve been here we have been doing a lot of relaxing!   Up until yesterday the weather has been very nice (more on that later) and we have taken advantage of it!  We’ve been to the beach – yes – we even wore bathing suits two days!  I’m not sure it will warm up enough for that again – but it was beautiful while it lasted!  I didn’t get in the water, except my feet, but Bill did – and he said it wasn’t bad!

Bill loved visiting Avon Pier, they sell $1 PBR!
Bill loved hanging out near Avon Pier, they sell PBR for $1!


just got the toes wet!
just got the toes wet!

One day we even saw a snake – swimming along in the waves!  Came out just long enough to snap a few pics!   We confirmed that it is an Eastern Hognose and it is unusual for them to be in the ocean.  We learned this the day we stopped at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.

Eastern Hognose snake – was actually pretty – red and black

I got a new hat – to replace the one I lost in Bermuda on a catamaran and Bill got another long sleeve T-shirt.  We saw a bunch of water fowl while there also!

ok - this isn't water fowl, but a snapping turtle!
ok – this isn’t water fowl, but a snapping turtle!


We love to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – a FoodNetwork show where Guy Fiery visits little local places all over the country.  We decided one day to seek out one of the places he’s visited here in OBX.  We ended up at Tortugas Lie in Nags Head.  You can check out my review under the “Foodies Welcome” and “Eating Out” section of the blog.  Short version is – it was yummy!  Definitely a small local place that we would probably never stopped at otherwise.


I had mentioned earlier about the weather, how it had been cooperative up until yesterday.  It was actually very nice – temps in the 70’s. Sunny with a few white puffy clouds – perfect!  That all changed yesterday. It turned much colder and the wind – wow!  We had brought in the awnings Friday in anticipation of the winds.  By the time we were settling in to watch a movie I said to Bill I thought it was time to bring the slides in.  I was not worried about the slides themselves, but about the toppers.  Each slide (we have 3) has its own mini awning that protects the top of the slide; keeps leaves, etc. off the top of the slide so when we bring them in, there is no mess getting in the gaskets.  Some people love them, some hate them.  We really wanted them.  This was the first time I was concerned about them and after posting on a forum, most people felt I was a bit overreacting.  I feel like this: better safe than sorry, right?  Gave me some peace of mind while I slept – and it was quieter too!  The wind gusts were up to about 50 mph. Thankfully it is much calmer today!  It is still very breezy and cold though and is supposed to be like this again tomorrow.

While out on a bike ride, we saw this house – if I were ever planning to settle back down into a sticks & bricks house (ok this one is cedar siding) again, this would be the type of house and definitely the location I would want:

cedar sided cape code style house with full wrap around porch - unobstructed views of the bay
cedar sided cape code style house with full wrap around porch – unobstructed views of the bay
a very short walk down the street, a dock for a boat!  Perfect!
a very short walk down the street, a dock for a boat! Perfect!

Tuesday we are hoping it’s nice enough to drive down and take the ferry to Ocracoke and walk around there. I’ll let you know.


We did drive down to the ferry and took it over to Ocracoke Island yesterday!  The weather was beautiful!  Sunny, warm – can’t ask for much better!

Before we got there though, we did see an interesting site – I have no idea what this is supposed to be for – there is no sign – nothing.

UFO landed in Hatteras, NC
UFO landed in Hatteras, NC

The ferry ride was uneventful – thankfully!  I had thought about taking the rig on the ferries to routes south, but I have to say, I think it would make me too nervous.  The ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke is about 45 mins, either one of the other 2 is 2 1/2 hours.  Don’t think I could do it.


couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!
couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!
water splashing on the stern
water splashing on the bow

After landing and unloading, we spent the next few hours just wandering around the island.  It is a peaceful little town with lots of shops, art galleries, food places, etc.

We came across this place, which TripAdvisor said was good for a cold one and snacks  Bill had a hard time making a decision due to the large selection of craft beers, and I had a glass of wine!


After awhile, we got hungry and stopped at a place called Eduardos for some burritos – delish!

yes - its a food truck - but was one of the highest rated places to eat on the island - rightfully so!
yes – its a food truck – but was one of the highest rated (TripAdvisor) places to eat on the island – rightfully so!

It was a very nice day, sun was (mostly) shining, little breeze, warm temps.  After about 4 hours, we made our way back to the car for the ride to ferry and back home.

port side view
port side view
starboard side view
starboard side view

Our time here in Avon, NC is coming to an end on Saturday.  We have enjoyed our time here, just chilling and loving the warmer temps.  Bill has spent time reading up on and learning about the solar and how to read the displays that came with it.  As a result, he has switched around a few wires.  We plan to do some food shopping before we leave, so we are good until at least Tuesday of next week.  I have our route all planned out, including fuel/gas stops and overnight spots.  Hopefully having this all spelled out in advance will make the trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

Guess that’s all for now – I’ll catch up soon!  Thanks for joining us!

7 thoughts on “In search of warmer temps…

  1. Hi Kelly and Bill, looks like you two are enjoying your new life! Looks like a great place to put on our list to visit! We have been in Key West for the last 4 weeks but leave for St. Augustine on Monday. Where are you two headed? Maybe we might be heading towards each other and could hook up for lunch or dinner? We would love to see you.

    1. We are loving life for sure! Still have a few kinks we are working out, but I assume you know what that’s like!

      We will be heading to the Atlanta (for 8 days) after we leave here tomorrow – then to the Clearwater FL area through Jan 1. We would also love to get together! Are you on FaceBook? Look me up! Or, send me a message on the forum –

      Where did you stay in the Keys? We are going there Jan 3 thru the 18th. We have a reservation at Sunshine Key RV Resort on Big Pine Key, MM 38.

      Hope all is well with you guys!

      1. Hi girl! I have tried to find you on Facebook but no luck. What is your name on there?
        We are in St. Augustine, Fl tonight but are leaving in the morning and was wondering g if you are still in Atlanta? Or what day you will be heading towards Florida?

        We stayed at Bluewater Key RV Resort about 14 miles from downtown Key West. Mm14. We had a great time while we were there. It’s a busy place! We were with Newalls and their friends for a few days. That was great seeing someone from the rally. They were saying that the grad group was going to try to get together while you all were in the Tampa area. Let me know and hopefully Guy an I could drive down as well.

        This is the 3rd time I have typed this so I hope you get it this time. Hope you and Bill have a great time in Atlanta.

        1. Hello! We are leaving Atlanta Tuesday morning, heading to Lake City FL for 5 days before going to Clearwater FL for the holidays! I looked into that Key West CG – but was already booked!

          My name on FB is Kelly Murray. I know there are quite a few! What’s your FB name, maybe I can find you easier, or maybe check any rally friends friend list – we might have some in common, like Cori, Pam, Tracy, Eileen to name a few.

          We would love to get together if we are going to be nearby one another.

  2. I love your blog!!! And what an awesome looking home!

    Regarding the walkie talkies, Mitch and I have the same problems. We found that if we press the button and then count to 3 before speaking, the first few words won’t get chopped off.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

    1. Thanks Cheryl! We are loving it here in OBX – but looking forward to moving on tomorrow! Heading to Atlanta for some family time!

      Since you aren’t going to TX, guess we will be meeting at the boondock rally if not before!

  3. Well Darn! We just passed Lake City! We are headed to Chepley, Fl to Falling Waters State Park!

    It’s about three hours west of Lake City! From there on Sat we will be in Destin Fl at Henderson State Park for Thanksgiving!

    I know that somehow we will get together again! Not sure if we will be back in Florida for awhile! Maybe when you head out next year! Will you be going to the reunion in May? Also if everyone gets together maybe we can figure it out!
    Enjoy your trip, keep in touch sue

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