Haines AK! (and some Skagway too!)

I left you last time with a small teaser of our time in Haines.  The ride down was spectacular!  Amazing!  Beautiful!

We got set up and settled in for our first days in Alaska!  We enjoyed our happy hour outside with the amazing views in front of us!  I posted this pic last time – but it’s worth a repeat:

I want to talk a minute about the CG.  We looked into this a lot.  Both couples individually, then talked together.  We were trying to get someplace inexpensive (no small feat in AK), but when Linda & Steven found out about the view – SOLD!  Budget was put aside.  It was not the nicest CG in town, basically a gravel parking lot, but the VIEWS!  We decided THIS is why we boondocked at visitor centers, Walmart, gravel parking areas, etc. – so we could have this moment RIGHT NOW in Haines – right on the water!  Worth every single penny! And – have I mentioned the Eagles?  The Bald Eagles?  That flew around every day?  See for yourself!

Monday and a good part of Tuesday were rainy and damp – a good time for two things – some chores and some potato soup!  I got the potatoes baking in both the propane and convection ovens then got to some cleaning!  Especially since we had not had hook-ups for awhile – it was time for some scrubbing!  

the local IGA had a surprisingly good selection of goods

The weather broke Tuesday in the afternoon and we got to seeing some sights!  

Bill had really wanted to visit The Hammer Museum, but it was not open for the season yet
notice the cruise ship? Haines gets one ship a week, although they also get cruise visitors from the ships that dock in Skagway
Our travel buddy, Steven, is always looking for places to take great photos, and sometimes he stumbles onto other things, and one day he came across a great place to get pizza.  So – we go get pizza!

the lighting was very cool
Bill and i split a Thai Chicken pizza – it was yummy!
the Klondike was located in the movie set where the movie “White Fang” was filmed
this is a community garden – how cool is that?

We woke one morning to an interesting site!  

check out this view I got to look at while doing dishes – not too shabby!

More scenes from around Haines
Bill took this using his iPhone 6 and his binoculars
we visited a local distillery and sampled some yummy drinks!
photo by Steven Dempsey
this photo was also taken by Steven Dempsey
a sea lion!
a Bald Eagle in the tree

After much discussion with Linda & Steven, Bill and I had decided we wanted to take a fast ferry to Juneau for a day.  We initially thought we’d go to Skagway, but they convinced us Juneau would be a better option.  We walked up to the office to look into getting tickets, but it was too early, the ferry only goes there on weekends until next week.   Bummer!  So we decided to head to Skagway, as initially planned.  The ride was very nice and we enjoyed our day.  

our CG – if you look close – you can see Queenie!
whale! we couldnt see it well enough to know what kind it is
another blow!
there were 3 cruise ships in port in Skagway
took awhile to figure this out – its a snow blower train!
we took a National Park walking tour – learned a bit about Skagway history
we also took in a show – and learned more Skagway history at the same time!
the man in the rainbow colored robe was an audience volunteer – so funny!
who doesn’t just love the can-can?
heading home!
amazing waterfall!
Our time in Haines was coming to a close.  We were excited to be moving on to new territory, yet sad to leave this amazing place behind at the same time.  Bill and I have already talked about going back on our way back to the lower 48, so we get to see bear and Bald Eagles as they fish for salmon.  
This is the last pic I took as we packed up to pull away and make our way to the next destination, Destruction Bay. 

23 thoughts on “Haines AK! (and some Skagway too!)

  1. I’m curious – what was the name of your campground?
    Thanks so much – loving all the pics!

  2. All I can say is WOW. Great, great pictures. I just love looking at all the information and love the pictures. Have a great day and a nice Memorial Weekend.

  3. I am so enjoying your writings and the amazing photos. Have fun and Travel safe!

  4. I love your posts, Kelly. They are always brimming with excitement. Your photos, as usual, captured the experience of it all. We were sad to go our separate ways because we made great travel buddies but we’ll see you again in Seward very soon!

  5. Kelly, Cindy and I love the pictures of Haines. My step-dad was born there. I told my parents to check out your website. My Dad’s nephew owns Howsers and the Fog cutter Bar. Mom said they stay at the same campground.

  6. Perfect blog…the pictures are absolutely beautiful! Starting to seem like a long time ago that we were together at Amazon! Keep on enjoying!

    1. Hi Nancy! How are you?
      Thanks – it’s is almost impossible to take a bad pic here with all the great scenery!
      It does feel like a long time ago for Amazon, but packing all those boxes is what helped get us here!

  7. Awesome photos of the area, no matter where you look you see breathtaking scenery. We are making our way to Haines Jct,, Tok then Glenallen!

  8. Hi Guys

    Looks like are having a great time 🙂
    the photos of you and Bill are really good Steve does nice work

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