Changing Coasts – FL Coasts That Is

Our month in Clearwater went very quickly, as quality time with family always does.  We’ve moved on to the east coast of FL for about a week.  

For the first time in over a year – we drove separate to a new location.  I can’t explain why – but I had a bunch of anxiety that day!  We pulled out of Clearwater Travel Resort about 10:20am – and headed east over the Courtney Campbell Causeway.  I guess one of the things that started me off badly was I mistakenly thought I made a wrong turn – before we were 2 miles from the CG.   We’ve done this route plenty of times before but things look different when you are pulling a 40′ long , 13’6″ high 5th Wheel!  Well – I wasn’t pulling it but Bill was following me – and he was!

After we got past Tampa, I was able to relax a bit.  We made good time and “checked in” at the Melbourne Elks Lodge about 2:30.  Joyce welcomed us and showed us where to park.  We got set up and around 5 we set the GPS to find our way to meet Jim & Diana of exploRVistas.   We met very briefly for the first time in person at the Tampa Show, after following each other’s blogs and chatting via FaceBook for quite awhile.   

They had generously offered to make dinner on our travel day – a RV Dreamers tradition.  We enjoyed a delish meal and just talked for hours!   We also brought them their new tires and rims that had been bouncing around in the back of my car!  

Since that evening, we’ve been to the beach twice – both times amazing!  We’ve gone on a 2 hour bike ride around Melbourne Beach – what a nice community!  Bill and I had them over to dinner – I made a new baby back rib recipe – cooking them in the InstantPot before finishing on the grill!  The meat was falling off the bone delicious!  Everyone agreed and there wasn’t any leftovers at all!  

We had planned to do some exploring of the area on our own one day when Jim & Diana had plans with their family, but sadly, Bill had to work on one of our A/C units.  After spending several hours trying to diagnose the problem, he know believes we probably need to replace the unit.  The fan works but the compressor will not kick on – doesn’t even try.  One good thing is, since we have 2 exact units, he was able to switch the board and also capacitor to see if they worked – which they both did.  Needless to say, neither of us are very happy about it!  Thankfully it isn’t so hot that we NEED both A/C’s to keep the inside cool.  

First Bill confirmed the thermostat was working properly and that adequate voltage was reaching the unit. He pulled the cover off. The control board and capacitors are in metal box on right.

3 Wire grommets need to be removed from side of box to allow access to board and capacitors.
Homemade wiring test harness to test compressor. Bill pulled three wires from the control board ( power feed, high fan lead, and hermetic compressor lead) together and turned the breaker on. Compressor and fan should start, nothing happened!
Control board removed for testing
Lots of wires!
Control board was swapped with other unit confirming the board is good. It also had no cooked components.
Run/start capacitor swapped with other unit confirms suspicion that capacitor is good. Only two items would prevent compressor from starting. The unit has lost enough refrigerant that the low pressure switch inside the compressor keeps the unit from starting or one of the internal windings has failed but is not shorting to ground. Neither item is economically serviceable so it looks like we need a new A/C.

When he was done for the day and I didn’t need to keep turning things on/off (we communicated via walkie talkies so he didn’t need to keep getting down and then back up on the roof), I decided to check out Downtown Produce, a place Jim & Diana had told us about.  It was fairly close to where we were.  Bill just wanted to stay home and relax, and I didn’t blame him – it was hot and frustrating being up on that roof!   What a neat little place!  Local produce, great deli, beer and wine, and lots of fresh made ready to heat and eat foods.  I checked out and hurried home to show Bill my yummy purchases!  

Found Bill having a beer and piece of pizza at the bar in the Lodge

We had also made plans to visit with friends, Ellen & Mario.  We met them through RV Dreams, as they attended the Spring 2014 TN Rally with us.  We’ve also spent time with them last year in Quartzsite, going to Mexico for the day together also.  After spending some time (I think about 18 months) as full-timers, they have decided to settle back down for a while.  They have a beautiful new home in a great location and we wish them all the best in their new home and Ellen’s new position!  Thanks guys for a wonderful lunch and visit! 

Bill and Mario solving the worlds problems

We said our “see ya later’s!” with Jim & Diana, following dinner at Bizzarros Pizza.  Hugs and “safe travels” were exchanged with the hope that our paths will cross again in the not so distant future.  Thanks guys for a great time on the FL east coast!  

0 thoughts on “Changing Coasts – FL Coasts That Is

  1. We had such a great time with you both, and really appreciate the visit🎉 Looking forward to hearing about all your wonderful travels❤

  2. I read Jim & Diana’s post as well. Sounds like you guys had a great time together.

    Too bad about the AC. Wonder if you can get an improved model if you end up replacing the old one? Hate having to replace something without it being upgraded or at least working better than the old one. Sure that would take some research!

    1. We did have a great visit with Jim & Diana!
      We are NOT happy about the a/c, were hoping it was a less than replace the unit fix, but apparently not! Bill is undecided what type of unit to replace it with – upgraded one or same – advantage to same is we can keep some parts off this one “just in case”! Bill is researching away – prob won’t make a purchase til we are in NJ for the summer.

  3. Wishing you success in replacing that A/C unit. Glad you learned it’s condition before ‘really hot’ weather.
    We are excited about your visit with us in the near future. Hugs and safe travels.

    1. Thanks! Prob won’t replace til in NJ for the summer – since we don’t “need” it right now.
      Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. Sorry to hear about your AC unit. But even with that your post always put a smile on my face. Love that you got to go to the beach several times. Have a great week and safe travels.

    1. Thanks Chris! Could always be worse, right? We really don’t need the a/c right now, plenty of time to figure out best replacement.

  5. Sorry about your A/C problems. Glad we have such handy husband’s. Very nice blog. Love reading it. We miss you guys. And hope we can get together again soon! 🌴💕🌴

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