We Have Arrived: Our NJ Summer Home!

A quick breakfast, lots of hugs and “see you soon’s” we pointed the rig east on the PA Turnpike; our destination: Country Oaks Campground in Dorothy (Weymouth Township near Mays Landing), NJ.  Bill and I both feel so lucky at having secured this summer job in our desired location.  NJ is our home state – it’s where we were born, went to school and grew up.  We fell in love, married and started our family, here in the Garden State.  Bill’s brother still lives here, as does my brother and our longest held and dearest friends.  I don’t think it matters where else we go – this state, especially down the shore, will always be “home”.  

Signs of spring along the PA Turnpike

Our last residence here in NJ was in Toms River, in Ocean County.  We lived there for 8 years; both our children were born there, went to pre-school and our oldest started kindergarten.  We belonged to a United Methodist Church and had lots of friends, we still keep in touch with a few.  Our kids spent a lot of the summers at the beach, playing in the sand, jumping in the waves.  We took them to the boardwalks and let them ride the amusement rides.   I could go on and on, listing happy memories for hours.  

When we moved, in 1996, when Bill and I were 31 years old and our kids were 5 and 6, we packed them up and moved to KY.  Bill had accepted new position, which moved him quite a few rungs up the ladder career wise.  What a culture shock we (ok – mostly me!) experienced.  It wasn’t bad place to be, just different.   Took some getting used to.   Each of the 6 full summers we lived in KY, we traveled back to NJ with the kids to visit family and friends and get our beach fix.  This summer will be the longest we will be in NJ since 1996 – WOW – 21 years! – and we are happy to be here!

We’ve met the owners, Bob & Lynn, and they seem like great people!  I feel like they will be easy to work with and we will be enjoying our time here!  I’ve asked Lynn about blogging about our time here and I’m waiting for her answer before saying too much – I’ll let you know!  

In the meantime – I doubt she will have a problem with me showing some pics of the place!

Keep right when entering! Love that there’s a gate!
Check-in, camp store and community room
Playground for the little ones!
Laundry gets done here

Lots of trees!
Huge pool – but also a smaller kid pool too! Opens for Memorial Day weekend!
This is our temp site until some blue stone is added to our regular site – very nice pull-thru!
We spent some time Tuesday getting the lay of the land with Lynn.  She gave us more info on the CG and explained in more detail what we would be doing.   Sounds like we will get along just fine.  

Since we’ve arrived we have gotten some shopping done at the local ShopRite and also Sams Club. 

Once we were stocked up, the next priority was Ocean City!  We LOVE that town and boardwalk!  We enjoyed a slice of Manco & Manco (formerly Mac & Manco – Mac sold out) pizza!  BEST boardwalk pizza!  Also stopped for a kid size orange/vanilla twist at Kohrs Bros!  We took note that a lot of the boardwalk boards have been replaced since we were there last in August 2015.  

Our second Ocean City visit included getting our bikes exercised – they’ve been keeping the rack company since FL!  It’s nice to ride on the streets right now, as there aren’t many cars yet.  That will change as the days grow warmer!  

We also found ourselves in PA for the day helping Billy move into his new apartment. Thankfully the weather was cooperative, it made the 2 trips to get the bigger items much easier!  He will be getting the smaller stuff on his own.  Back in November, when he had placed 4 items at a local consignment shop, 2 dressers, a couch and a loveseat.  The loveseat hadn’t sold, and he needed to either allow them to donate it or come get it.  Now that he was going to have more room, we went over to pick it up – basically they stored it for FREE for 6 months – and had cleaned it!  How cool was that?  

TV fits perfect in the back
TV table
Last item coming down
Buh-bye old apartment!
Everything is tied down securely!
Last thing – loveseat – going up!
Hello new home!

Some of you may be asking why didn’t we just bring that huge dually truck of ours?  That is a perfectly reasonable question, my son asked the same one!  The answer is we have a lot of stuff in the bed of that truck!  It would have taken a long time to empty it all out, Bill has all his roofing stuff back there – plus the hitch, tool box, firewood, extra fuel – all kinds of stuff!  We knew all the items we were moving would fit between Billy’s van and my car – and it did! Bill didn’t have to spend hours emptying and repacking the truck!  

Our regular site was ready and we moved in earlier today.  It’s a really nice site, we have a sidewalk and patio.  I swept and set up our “long visit” stuff.  I do believe we are going to be very happy here!  Our site goes all the way over to the Big Horn – HUGE!

18 thoughts on “We Have Arrived: Our NJ Summer Home!

  1. Oh boy, Manco & Manco! The company I ran bottles their water, and I’m friends with Chuck Bangle whose wife is a Manco. Cool! Love their pizza. Looks like you scored a good summer gig.

    1. We’ve been eating their pizza for YEARS! You know it’s the best when they have a line 2 blocks long and everyone else has 3 or 4 people in their line! We are happy where we are! Great site and great people!

  2. Did like to go up to Cape May and do some geneology hunting on my Earnest and Mill’s family line. Plus on another side lane of my ancestors was born in Trenton in 1840.

  3. The computer sure did a great job of messing that post up! My MILL’s family was from Cape May, Nj and she married John Lang from PA around the time of the Rev War. My McCowan relative was born in Trenton in 1840.

  4. Welcome “home” to NJ! I’m sure your work gig and visit back to the Garden State will be great. Remember the old tourist slogan “You and NJ–Perfect together”. (Yep, the State paid a marketing company to come up with that). Mom misses the Shop-Rite. We remember their famous can-can sales!

    1. I do remember that slogan! Too funny! The Vineland ShopRite wasn’t all that – so we will try Mays Landing Acme. I also remember the can-can sales! Bills Mom used to buy the ones without labels and she’d send one of the kids down the basement to choose “mystery cans” to go with dinner! Made for some interesting combos!

  5. Pizza and ice cream. My kind of meal. I think everything taste better at the beach. Looks like a great place to be for the summer. Plus I am sure being close to your kids make it even that much nicer. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

  6. Looks like a great place to spend the summer! We were in NJ about 6 years ago, to Atlantic City and we drove down to Cape May. I realize it was all touristy stuff and we probably didn’t get the full NJ experience, but I loved the boardwalk in Atlantic City! What a great thing to have right on the ocean!

    1. The Atlantic City Boardwalk is as classic Jersey Shore as it gets! As is Cape May! Next time, be sure to drive thru the Pine Barrens and hike High Point! Personally, unless you need the airport, I’d skip Newark and the surrounding towns. Hoboken and Jersey City are pretty cool as they offer awesome Manhattan views!

  7. Great to hear you like your site and the owners! We will be heading to Denali RV Park in a month and I am getting excited already! Our first paid workamping job! We will be 90 minutes from real shopping in Fairbanks which might be a challenge (we lived in Fairbanks for 6 months in 2008 so we know the territory).

    Have fun when Linda and Steven visit!


    1. Great to hear from you Mary! I’m sure you are going to love your new jobs! I’ll be jealous of your mountain pics! I’m sure you’ll be able to get the essentials locally – 90 mins for milk is a LONG way! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Bill and I interviewed and were offered jobs there – the manager (Ken-?) seemed like a great guy! Let me know how it goes!

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