A Day in the Life…

It occurred to me today, we’ve been here 2 months already!  How is that possible?!?  I decided it’s about time to give you a glimpse of a typical work day.  

What day shall we talk about?  How about today – in real time?  Let’s check it out!

For whatever reason, today I was awake very early – probably 6am!  Yes – for me that  is VERY early, especially considering we don’t have to work until 5pm!  Like most of us – I suffer with insomnia – thankfully it isn’t all that often – usually 2 or 3 days in a row then not again for awhile.  That “awhile” could be anywhere from a few weeks, or a few months.   With no warning, I’m just wide awake and unable to fall back asleep.  UGH!  

Since we didn’t have to be in a hurry to get anywhere, I read my current book for about an hour and a half or so til Bill started stirring.  Normally, he is up before me and he will bring me coffee, but today I brought him his.  It’s good to keep things mixed up, don’t you think?

We talked about what the day might look like, up til our scheduled work time.  He wanted to work on getting his boat trailer lights working; he had noticed they weren’t coming on when we brought the boat to Country Oaks from his brothers a couple weeks ago.  Since there wasn’t anything I needed to get done, I decided to go sit at the pool.  Yesterday, we relaxed at the beach for a little while, but today is Saturday and heading that way could prove time consuming, if there was traffic getting over the causeway and/or parking.  The pool here is wonderful – crystal clean clear water and not too much chlorine like some pools.  There are very nice lounge chairs lined around the pool for guests to use.  

The pool area comes complete with a smaller kiddie pool, at a depth of only 12″, it is perfect for our tiniest guests. 

Another great feature offered is a Snack Shack.  There are lots of snack choices available, including beverages, pretzel nuggets with cheese, etc.  The most popular is the hand dipped ice cream, in a cup or cone.  

I arrived at the pool after a brunch of strawberries and yogurt, and a bit of granola for crunch.  I wanted to have a full tummy, to better say no to the Snack Shack temptations.   

I knew that new friends, Tina and Monique would be there, but when I first arrived, I didn’t see them.  I choose a chair and slathered sun block all over my Irish white skinned self.  Can’t be too careful with a UV index of 8!  I then dug back into my book, which was getting good.  I didn’t have too much left of it and I was getting anxious to see how it ended.  

The sun felt amazing!  It was warm, but not hot and the humidity was fairly low.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky – a slight breeze made this the PERFECT weather day to be sitting my a pool!  

At some point I thought I heard Tina, and I walked over to say hello to her and Monique.  They were sitting on the edge of the pool with their feet in the water.  They invited me to bring my chair over near them, and I accepted.  There weren’t any open chairs near them, so I just dragged mine over.  

About an hour had gone by and Tina wanted to take a quick dip to cool off.  I was feeling a bit hot also, not quite sweaty, but almost.  I left my glasses on my chair.  The 3 of us lined up at the deep end of the pool (it isn’t that deep – only 6′ – no diving) and 3, 2, 1 – JUMP!  Considering the air temperature was about 84 – the 71 degree water felt refreshing, not too shocking like I was expecting.  We didn’t stay in too long, maybe 5 minutes, then retreated back to chairs.  

All too soon, it was time for me to head back and start getting ready for work.  During our morning chat, Bill and I decided dinner would be salads and BBQ chicken – one of my favs!  

I took a quick shower and finished my book.  I did enjoy the ending.  There were twists and turns I didn’t see coming, and that always makes for an interesting, satisfying read.  

We devoured the chicken and salad and embarked on our commute – ha!  Debbie and Joe, who had been on since 8:30am were ready to go home.  The sun was still warm, despite having started its descent for the night.   Part 2 of our day was about to begin! 

Debbie & Joe said their goodnights and headed home.  They were extra excited to go, as Joe put it “OFF is the best word I’ve heard all day!”  Bill and I will work the “day shift” the next two days while they enjoy their free time.  Yes – tonight/tomorrow morning is our “clopen” (close one day/open the next). 

The store has been, as it’s been more and more, fairly busy.  The kids come in with the dollars they get from a variety of sources, Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, maybe an Aunt or Uncle.  They line up next to the counter to pick their favorite of the moment candy.  I can see the excitement on their faces as they try to pick from Baby Bottle Pops, Cow Tails, Airheads, Push Pops, Tootsie Roll Pops, Fun Dips and lets not forget the Krabby Patties!  Ring Pops, Bottle Caps and Peanut Chews – oh my!   

I remember being that kid – somewhere somehow I’d come into a dime – a whole dime! or a nickel or even a lowly penny, and I’d walk my way to Anne’s – where I’d take an excessive amount of time trying to choose what I wanted to spoil myself with. Back then, even the lowly penny could get you something – be it a tootsie roll or peppermint patty or the like.  The least expense candy we have is $.25!  That man behind the counter had an immeasurable amount of patience!  For a penny!  

In case you are dying to know – we have 3 stand-outs in the which candy is most popular contest.  It’s probably a 3 way tie between Baby Bottle Pops, Krabby Patties and Fun Dip with blue and red being equally popular.  

Another reason the store is becoming increasingly busy is the weather outside is getting hotter.  The variety of floaties we sell for the pool is more than should be expected of a simple camp store.  Kids and adults alike have a difficult time choosing.  

There are twice this many – I think you can see why it can take awhile to choose!  I picked one for myself a couple of weeks ago – there was only one like to and I didn’t want it to get sold!  

We’ve been supplying a lot of people with ice today!  With temps well into the 80’s – and most people with the smaller 3 way RV type refrigerators, coolers with ice are popular to keep overflow items cold.  

Needless to say, ice cream has been a huge hit on this 80+ degree day!  Here in the office we sell the packaged kind – Hershey’s brand goodies that everyone loves!  

Over in the Snack Shack, Samantha or Jennifer will serve up a hand-dipped cone or cup, and all the usual fixings are set up for self serve.  

I’ve also rung up plenty of RV supplies – the usual electrical adapters, sewer connections, toilet tablets, etc. I can tell you which sites are having bacon and eggs for breakfast and who’s having pork roll and pancakes.  

Bill has been busy as well.  There are propane tanks to fill, hayrides to drive for, and let’s not forget about bingo to call for!  As our weekend sites empty out – he makes sure the pedestal is turned off and the sites are neat and tidy for the next guest.  He also goes around to collect bags of garbage left out at the “curb”.  Now that the pool is open, he helps keep it clean, using a bottom skimmer.  Delivering carts full of firewood is also on his to-do list.  

It is so sad that some people think the fire ring is a garbage can and someone else’s job to clean up

There’s never a dull moment here at Country Oaks!  

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look into our day today.  Bill and I both are enjoying our time here – we’ve already been asked if we plan to return next year – so far only by the campers – but it’s nice to hear that they will miss us!  We love being a part of such a great community – we have been welcomed with open arms and that’s never a bad thing!  The summer is really just getting started, can’t wait to see how it unfolds!  

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…

  1. Nice reading as always. As we will eventually be workamping it helps to know what to expect from a more typical day at a campground. I find myself watching the employees during the times we stay locally as vacationers. I’d like to know a little more about the computer systems they use for reservations and how difficult they are to learn for average computer user experience.

    1. Hi Mark! Thanks! Where we are now, they use Campground Master. It is very user friendly and easy to use, even for a technically challenged person such as myself. I’m sure you and Karen will do great as workampers! One of the biggest things is to recognize whether or not they want your input regarding how things are done – some places appreciate suggestions – some not.

      1. Having owned a small business I can appreciate the boss wanting it done their way. Actually looking forward to going with the flow and not being vested in the job other than when I there for whatever period

  2. I cannot believe you have been there two months!! I seems like we just were there right after you arrived. Where is all this time going? The pool looks amazing, and a good alternative to making the long trek to the beach. I hope the rest of your time zooms by!

  3. Sound like a good spot to be working this summer hard to believe it has been two months already WOW take care Rick 😊

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