Next Up – Lancaster County…

The day we lifted our jacks and said our final goodbyes to Country Oaks was an exciting one! We weren’t in a big hurry, the expected drive time to Ephrata, PA was 3 1/2 hours – not too bad!  Even though we had driven out to that area before, I consulted the GPS and atlas as Bill did his final check.  I decided we would take a southern route, completely avoiding Philly and the Walt Whitman bridge; instead heading to the Delaware Memorial Bridge and Wilmington.  We would take the back way into Lancaster County.  

Aside from a brief bit of confusion in Wilmington (due to construction), the drive was very nice.  We rolled along the country roads with no difficulty.  We arrived at our Ephrata “home” Elks Lodge to discover another rig parked there!  There are technically 3 sites, but sharing the space was a first for us!  Bill got us parked quickly and our neighbors came out to greet us.  

Billy was working until later in the evening, so we decided to head into the lodge for a bite to eat and a drink, with our neighbors. I keep saying “our neighbors” because I am drawing a blank on their names – sorry! 

While in the area, I got in with Jamie for a haircut – wish there were more awesome stylists around the country!  I guess there probably is, it’s just so hard to find them!

A stop in Reading wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Fairgrounds Market. Bill wasted no time seeking out one of his favorite ice cream places!

Sometimes it is nice to just be someplace familiar, someplace where you don’t have to wonder where something is.  Being out on the road and having new adventures and discovering new things is awesome, but there is comfort in the familiar, don’t you think? 

Billy took us to one of his farm stand stops.  We picked up some fresh veggies and homemade jam. 

Got to love Amish farm stands

On our way back to the Elks, we spied this little “honor system” gem selling pumpkins and gourds – notice the prices!  

We hadn’t spent any time with Ken & Nancy in a while, so we planned dinner together at a local restaurant. 

Afterward it was a perfect night for a campfire!  The Elks had added a fire ring and we took full advantage of it!

We had an awesome surprise one day!  Our Country Oaks friend, Monique, was nearby for work, so we met up for lunch! 

It was great to see her!  

A few scenes from around town:

When in Lancaster Co, PA, you have to be aware of the horse and buggies
Yes, there was a baby in that seat!
Beautiful country side!
Traffic – Amish style
Two ladies out shopping – they had just pulled out of Walmart
This is an old elementary school – still in use. They sure don’t build them like this anymore.

We also did some grocery shopping at Shady Maple. They have a huge selection and great prices.  It’s easy to stock up! 

You can tell who took the pics above and below – Mr Sweet Tooth (aka Bill)

I feel a bit bad, as our time in Lancaster this time was short.  We normally try to more evenly divide our visiting time between the two kids, but with wedding plans, we moved on to Somerset area after a short six days.  We will make up for that next time!  

Stay tuned for wedding central!  As they say in Jamaica – soon come! 

10 thoughts on “Next Up – Lancaster County…

  1. Bet your glad to be traveling again! Steve and Debbie (Down the Road Blog)just left Kansas City. We spent a day together touring and they came over to the house for dinner the next night after they toured a nearby town. We had a blast. I’ve really enjoyed reading about all the class of 2014 has been up to. It’s so amazing we can meet such good folks over the internet.

    I’m heading to the post office on Monday after work and mailing you that honey by the way. I’m sending two bottles so you can decide if you want to give Bill one and have him stay out of yours 🙂


    1. We were happy to move on! As much as we loved Country Oaks, we had serious hitch itch! Happy you got to meet up with Debbie & Steve – they are an awesome couple – tons of fun! Hope our paths cross someday!
      Thanks in advance for the honey! Will be on the look-out! We move the rig to Michelle’s driveway this week!

  2. We love Lancaster and Shady Maple. WOW all those desserts I would have a hard time picking my favorite two or ten items. LOL. I have a major sweet tooth as well. Give me that and pizza and I am very happy. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the pictures especially the horses. Countdown to the wedding. I am sure you are very excited. I am sure the week will fly by. The best to you and hope the weather is perfect.

    1. We are very excited about the wedding! Serious countdown mode! One week from today! We are hoping for good weather also!

  3. We are back in PA…if you have extra time on your hands? We are at Circle M till Tuesday then we move onto TT Hershey till the end of October!

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