Downingtown (outside Philly) *Brandywine Creek Campground* Sept-Oct 2014

We arrived at Brandywine Creek CG after being in the Pittsburgh area (see Mountain Top CG review).   We chose this CG (at least in part) b/c we had friends, Cori and Greg Young, staying there and since Greg (RV Solar Solutions) was going to install our solar, we thought it would be very convenient to be in the same place.

We had visited Cori and Greg at their site and we knew it was a nice CG, before we even arrived with our rig, which helped a lot.

It is a fairly small CG, about 57 RV sites.  They also have some tent sites.  There are some seasonal sites and some for people coming/going.  There is creek that runs on the back side of the CG, and it is very pretty and people can fish there, if you get lucky you will catch a trout.  There is also a small lake/pond that has bass and perch.  There is a pool, which was closed by the time we arrived (Sept 12).  They also have a basketball court and trampoline.  Their bathhouse, which we didn’t use, is very nice, with each little “room” having a toilet, sink and shower.  It is kept very clean.  There is also 2 washers/dryers for guests to use.  They have a game room, which was also closed by the time we arrived.

We LOVED our stay there.  Carmen (the CG owner) was great when we arrived, helping Bill get parked in our spot.  She is very “no nonsense” and tells it like she sees it, and is also very fair.  I respect people like that.  I called early one morning b/c someones barking dog woke me up and she came down right away with her golf cart to put a stop to it.  She was also very generous and allowed us to keep our car on-site when we left for IN (for rig repairs), knowing we would be returning.

We were there for the change of seasons, and the leaves changing was absolutely gorgeous this year, making the CG a really beautiful place to be!   We were sad to miss their annual HUGE bon-fire, which she also uses as a fundraiser for her kids school sports.  From what we heard, it was a great event!

So, if you ever need a place to be near the Philly PA area, this is the place for you!  It also isn’t far from Lancaster area, so there is lots to see and do within a fairly short drive.

This is a definite LIKE ‘EM!  We will be back!

p.s.  I have a ton of pics but Google Chrome is being uncooperative, so when I get that fixed, I will add some pics

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