Clearwater *Clearwater Travel Resort* Nov – Dec 2014; Jan 2015; Jan 2016; Jan 2017

We stayed at this campground b/c it was near my parents.  We had been told campgrounds in FL were usually tight – and this one has very close together sites.  Not a lot of room, but to be honest, it was adequate.

This CG has a lot of permanent park models with full-timers living in them, either year-round or some just for the winter.  We had been told that in places like this one, you might run into people that don’t like the transients, but we did not find that here.  Everyone was very nice.  There are a ton of activities planned, while we were there, there was a Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day, which I am sure was nice for residents that do not have family nearby.  There was also a Christmas dinner and New Years Eve party, which I heard were all fun.  I did take advantage of Zumba, which was twice per week.  It was Zumba Gold (designed for those over 50) but it was still good, and everyone was very welcoming.  There is a very nice pool, which had people in it a  lot.  I am not much of a “go in the pool” kind of person, so I didn’t go in it at all.

The sites were very level and well maintained.  It did get very muddy when it rained, but to be fair, when it rained, it rained for a few days – so hard to avoid the mud.  They have picnic tables, but they are VERY small, like seriously child size.  We almost thought it was a joke, but then noticed that all the sites had the same size.  My thought is they put these really small picnic tables to make the site feel bigger, or at least look bigger in the pics, but who knows?  They offer cable TV, but we didn’t want to call Brighthouse and have them come hook it up for almost $60 per month.  They have wifi, but it isn’t that great and we ended up using our Verizon hot spots when it was really slow.  The Verizon signal is very good.  The water pressure was very good, and I also used their laundry – which was reasonably priced and clean.

The CG is located right off a very busy street (most streets in that area are busy), but it was set-back off the road and we never noticed any traffic noise.  The location was very nice for shopping, with a Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart Neighborhood Market, Lowes, Michaels, Pet Smart, etc. within a mile or so.  There is also a Luekens, which is a very large warehouse type liquor store, and they had great prices!

This is definitely a “Like ‘Em” campground, and we will probably be back there in the fall to see my parents again.

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