Working toward the goal continues…

Good morning!  How are all of you?  Bill and I are doing fine!  We got a lot done this past weekend, moving along slowly but surely toward our goals!

Saturday we took some stuff to the container.  Bill took down some of the shelves in the garage, the ones he wants to keep, and we loaded a bunch of stuff onto the trailer and into the truck.  Took some tubs out of closets so they look less cluttered.




I don’t know if you will remember or not, but when the container got delivered, it didn’t “land” exactly where we wanted it, due to a tree being in the way.


way off the blue stone!

way off the blue stone!

too far apart!

too far apart!

So, Bill used a “come-along” (at least that’s what I was told it’s called) and jack to move the container to where it was supposed to go



and now it is exactly where we wanted it


much better now!


totally on the blue stone where it’s supposed to be!

I didn’t measure exactly, but I think he moved it about 8 feet!  He was hot and sweaty, but enjoyed some pizza and beer before we headed back home.

At the house, I also took some more pics down, so it looks less like MY house, less personal, lets people imagine their stuff on the walls I guess.  Never fully understood that, I would think people would be able to realize that the family pics don’t stay with the house, but I guess not.  Depersonalize, that’s what Sue (the Realtor) calls it.  Blank slate for the new owners to look at.  Actually, mentally, I think it is more for the current owners (my) benefit, b/c it doesn’t look like MY house anymore, I am becoming more and more detached from it, more ready (if that’s possible) for it to sell so we can move on with the rest of our lives.  When I look at a house, I don’t mind the pics at all, sometimes there is family pics that were taken around the house, makes it look well loved and cared for.  Like happy times happened there.  Gives a house a good “feel”, to me anyway.  Maybe I’m a weird, unusual one.  Wouldn’t be the first time!

Yesterday we had another open house here.  At the new price, which is $5000 lower than the original.  Sue said 6 groups came through and she felt like 2 really liked it a lot.  If you like it a lot – put pen to paper people!

While the open house was going on, Bill and I decided to check out the competition.  To be honest, I don’t think any of them had anything to offer better than us.  We looked at 5 places, well, one wasn’t really our competition, but a house up the street in our neighborhood that we were just being nosy.  Even though it is a 4 bedroom, it is much smaller and on a corner, so while it looks nice, no real yard for kids.  One of the others had an in-ground pool, which is a pro or a con, depending if you want a pool.  Overall, they weren’t in any better or worse condition than us, well, except one that will be needing a roof SOON!  I guess it comes down to personal taste on lay-out and location, which I can’t change.  I think our decor is very neutral, except maybe the master, which is a terra-cotta color.  But, with the comforter set and matching valances and matching bathroom set, it really looks good! I think so anyway, what do you think?

master bedroom

master bedroom


master bath - I'm going to miss that tub!

master bath – I’m going to miss that tub!

I told Sue, if someone likes it, they can have the whole set!  Our location is really good, close to shopping and access to good roads to get places, we are on a cul-de-sac and have a pretty private backyard.  Lots of homes in our area have other houses to look at when you are on your back deck, our looks over green grass and trees!

So, Bill took the truck to get an insurance estimate today.  Came home with $8067.75 to get it fixed.  It is highly recommended that we take it to a Nationwide Preferred provider b/c then not only does the body shop guarantee it, but Nationwide also guarantees it – for as long as we own the truck.  So, in say 5 years we notice a problem with a repaired area but we are no where near where we are now, we will be able to take it to any Nationwide Preferred provider any where in the country.  Our agent says that considering our “gypsy” plan, that should be a serious consideration.  Can’t say I disagree, however the body shop that was recommended to us isn’t on the list.  I am thinking I am going to pay for Angie’s List to check out the ones on the list, since there are very few yelp or google reviews.  If there is a problem later, I don’t want to have to take it to only that one place, right?  I mean, if we were planning on living here forever, I probably wouldn’t care, but I’m hoping to be out of here ASAP.

As a closing note, I just got a call that we have a showing for the house for Thursday at 9:15am!  Have a good thought for us, will you?  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Working toward the goal continues…

    1. we are very lucky my brother-in-law has the space and is allowing us to have the container on his property. And Bill has always been the man – MY man!

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