rainy work days…

Last Saturday we had a short work day so we decided to go blueberry picking again.  We didn’t bring in as much as last time, but enough to share some with Gary and Bob & Marna.

We’ve been doing our thing here at Renfros – turning over the cabins and taking care of the RV Park, keeping things clean, neat and tidy for the guests.  It’s what we do!  After the one day of sun, it started raining again.  All the rain creates more of a challenge in this keeping things clean business because the whole place is a muddy mess!  Which gets brought in onto the floors!    We received only one tip this week, but it was a good one – left by people who were only here one night and actually cleaned up after themselves.  I know New Yorkers get a bad rap most of the time – but they know how to tip!

Another cabin drew this awesome pic in the journal

Contrasting the New Yorkers who cleaned up after themselves and left a tip, I did have some of the messiest kitchens this week – more than one left food on plates on the table!  NOT cool! Worse yet (I didn’t take a pic of this – I decided to spare you the gross details!) one family left the food on the plates and then put them into the sink and wet them, so all the nasty food was all soggy and gross!  EWWW!  Very worst part – not one tip!  Seriously people?

There are a ton of mushrooms all over the place here!  I’ve been snapping pics of them!  I have no idea what kind they all are, but I’ve never seen so many in my life!

One very good thing that happened this week was Jo & Ben came by!  They weren’t originally going to, but then they did!  Spent the night and everything!  We had a thrown together dinner of chili dogs and watched “Joy” on TV!  They moved on the next morning, heading in the direction of Homer, as they were catching the ferry to Kodiak!  We were so excited to see them and so surprised, we forgot to take a single pic!  We will be seeing them again next week on our last full week off!

I got yelled at by one of the little squirrels that live on the property this week, must have come to close to their stash of whatever they stash.  He/she was so cute!

I recorded this guy for 15 seconds after he ran up the tree and continued to scream at me – not enough signal to load it
AK version of a blue jay

Then on Thursday, an almost miracle started happening – the rain stopped!  The clouds started to go away!  We checked the weather, which we had quit doing – and there were SUN icons!  OMG!  We quick checked for Homer, since we are heading there this coming week – and MORE SUN icons!  We got so excited!
I sure do wish I had a better camera for the middle of the night Thursday night/Friday morning when I had some insomnia.  The sky was clear and the stars were out!  It was beautiful!  I tried to take a pic but it was no use, could not get a pic at all!

Friday was an amazing day here on the Kenai Penninsula!  The weather couldn’t have been better – sunny and warm all day!  Fabulous!  It hasn’t been this clear in a LONG time! We celebrated with a campfire!

Saturday we woke to another sunny beautiful morning!  We decided, after a big breakfast of eggs and bacon, to finally go see Exit Glacier.  We’ve talked about it, went there once but didn’t go see it due to (guess what?) rain, so it was the perfect day to go!

That’s all for today!  Sorry I’m late posting but wifi and cell signals have been less than optimal.   Next up – Homer!  Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “rainy work days…

    1. It does have a whole – very odd looking – the water flows down – we didn’t take the tour but overheard the ranger say we couldn’t see the blue b/c it was too bright. And yes – always roped off – can’t walk down any closer

  1. Kelly. WOW the pictures are beautiful . What a pretty day. Hope you have a great week and get to enjoy the long weekend.

  2. I love the mushrooms too! I have not seen those yellow ones with white spots but have seen red ones just like them.

    We had sun through Sunday and took off Monday for Fairbanks where the sun has continued! Clear view of Denali As we passed by. We have been there before for several days, did the all-day bus tour and everything in 2008.

    We are checking out state parks for next summer!

    1. We have the red ones too! Posted a pic of those awhile back! So glad you got to see the mountain! Hope we do before we leave! Good luck on your search!

  3. Glad you caught some sunshine! Been a very hot and sunny summer here in PA! The picture are just beautiful! Keep on enjoying! 🌞🌞🌞

    1. Been watching yours and Mandy’s pics of PA and NJ – makes me want my toes in the sand! Olivia is getting so BIG! Miss you guys!

  4. So nice to see the sun after all the rain 🙂
    It’s like that in Wisconsin in the winter you don’t see the sun sometime for weeks, but when you do it is supper special 🙂 Great pictures 🙂

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