Fun Family and Friend Time…

OMG! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted a true life update! Sorry about that – but I am sure by now you’ve noticed some changes with the look of the blog.  Making these changes (which aren’t complete yet) are time consuming!  
I have to start by saying I can’t hardly believe it’s the middle of August! Where has the time gone? 
The first fun friend time I want to tell you about is when Bill and I headed to North Jersey to visit my BFF, Linda. Her daughter (one of Bill and my Goddaughters) was visiting from CA with her 2 daughters (I affectionately call them my Grand-Goddaughters – Ha! I know it isn’t a real thing – but to me it is!). We had a wonderful time, floating on the lake, playing with the girls, drinking wine, visiting and just enjoying each other’s company.  

 Kelly Lady with Ang and Gwen

 Kelly Lady with Jimmy 

Clockwise starting with Bill: Paul, Jessilynn, Jimmy, Dot, Linda, Ang and Gwen – I’m there but sitting back too far apparently 

It was an awesome time!

I can finally tell you about my daughters Bridal Shower! It’s been in the works for quite a while. Maeve Michelle did know about it, but only to save the date. She was not involved in the planning or details.  

 The room was so cute! 

One of activities was a book swap – everyone brought a book (a fav of theirs) and after determining who brought it – Michelle gave it to someone else for them to enjoy 

Opening presents! 

Beautiful Bride-to-Be and her bow bouquet 💐 

What a great day it was – and a huge thank you to all who came! Jaime (the Maid of Honor) and I had chosen a spot that was mid-way between where Michelle lives in SW PA and where we are here in NJ. Thanks to Ulrica for driving, and Elise for using her phone to Skype with my Mom so she could watch the gift opening! A HUGE shout-out to A Tea Affair in Lititz PA for delish food and tea and helping make the day special!  

Hold on – I’m not done yet!  

Next up was a visit from Steve & Debbie! We hadn’t seen them since the Spring 2014 Rally, although we read each other’s blogs and are FB friends and keep in touch that way. Bill and I were so happy they took the time to come hang out with us! They are on a whirlwind NE tour, their goal is to hike the highest point in each state! You can follow along with them here: Down the Road with Steve and Debbie

 The look on Debbie’s face says it all! YUM! 

Along with their goal to hike all states highest peak, they also find at least one geocache every day!

Debbie already sporting an NJ T-shirt!

 Steve with his homemade pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll with salt, pepper and ketchup! It’s a NJ tradition! 

At the top of the Cape May Lighthouse 

 Top of Cape May Lighthouse 

 It’s tall – 217 steps! 

So glad Bill finally had someone to talk beer with! Enjoying flights at Cape May Brewery 

Great dinner at Boathouse in Wildwood 

Entertainment was very good! 

View while we ate 

For Greg! Thanks guys! For coming and seeing us! We had a great time showing you around and getting to know you better!  

Our most recent visit was Jo & Ben – and Peyton! They are traveling nurses and are currently “stationed” in VA, but had a break between contracts so lucky us!  

 Girly day – out for pedi’s! 

Bill (in red) and Ben – heading out for some off-roading! 

Checking out Cape May Gingerbread houses 

Never tire of this scene 

Working on our tans! I sadly think we are now done with friend visits, although our daughter will be spending some time with us, hopefully my son as well.  Bill and I have loved seeing everyone and acting as tour guides and showing off our home state!  

This doesn’t mean it is our last visit – as our daughter will be coming and staying with us! More on that soon!  

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16 thoughts on “Fun Family and Friend Time…

  1. How about a visit with Neil and Nancy? We would love to catch up with you? We are here at Sea Pines – Avalon – Cape May (sure you know the area) till next Thursday! Have any free time for a breakfast or lunch? Call me!

  2. Looks like you have been very busy and having a lot of fun. I can’t believe it is the middle of August already either. Congratulations again on the upcoming wedding I am sure it will be fantastic. Have a great weekend and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

    1. Can’t believe we have only 3 weeks left! All of a sudden it seems like it went so fast! But it’s been great!

    1. Thanks Eric and Jody! Love that you are reading and following along! Love and miss you both!

  3. We had such fun with you guys!! Thanks for showing us you’re wonderful stomping grounds! Website looks great!! Enjoy the upcoming wedding!

  4. Been a great summer for both of us! Sure love Cape May and the Victorians. Bet you’re loving being there near home. Sure know that feeling 🙂

    1. It’s been a great summer! Glad yours worked out for you – after the rough beginning! Getting ready to move on now though! Getting to be time for a wedding! 😁

  5. How cool that you were able to see Steve and Debbie as well as Ben and Jo. We have not seen Steve and since…… I don’t remember, may two winters ago in Q? We plan on doing a very similar tour as them next summer so maybe we can meet up with you guys along the way.

    We were able to see Ben and Jo for a short period of time in Chicken last summer as they were passing through……

    1. Hope we can see you guys somewhere next year! It’s been a year and that’s too long!

  6. The bridal shower room looked lovely, and I’m sure Mauve was thrilled. We are not big fans of Jersey shore simply because of the crowds. But Cape May is always a treat. We also enjoy the Cape “off season” for their Christmas holiday special events. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We are not fans of the crowds, but Corson Inlet SP is never crowded – and no one bothers us. Cape May is wonderful – but can get crowded on weekends, so weekday visits are best!

    1. That’s awesome! Yes – it was Bill on the KLR! I was so happy Ben was able to bring his bike and they could off-road together! They had a blast!

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