Southwest PA

Our extended visit to this corner of the state was for our daughters nuptials, but we did take some time off wedding planning to chill and hang out.  This will be the first time I write two posts about the exact time frame, each covering different things that happened.  Hope it isn’t too confusing.  

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we headed to Ohiopyle State Park for a hike.  

It was so nice to spend some relaxing time in nature.  

On another break from wedding central, we headed to Seven Springs Resort, for their AutumnFest Octoberfest. What a gorgeous day it was! Blue skies with puffy white clouds and cool temps. Perfect fall day! 

Sadly, I didn’t get any pics, but one day we made the drive (2.5 hours each way) to the 2017 Hershey RV Show.  We met our friend, Linda, who is in the beginning phase of researching her first RV purchase.  She is looking for a smaller travel trailer, possibly a hybrid type, that she can manage easily on her own.  Bill and I have never really looked at this type of RV at the RV shows before, so it was interesting to see what was available.  

Ok – Bill took this one of these fancy gadgets to use cooking over a fire

Bill and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary in September.  Happy Anniversary to us!  Our daughter, the bride to be, had a birthday in September, she turned 28 on the 28th.  Bill & I, along with Michelle & Derek and Dereks parents, Tracy & Pete, went to dinner. 

Another day we got a half bushel of apples – it was a making applesauce kind of day!  

It’s been a long time since I’ve used a food mill
The trick to good applesauce is cooking the apples with the skins on

The campground we stayed at until the week before the wedding, Hickory Hollow, was very nice!  While we loved the trees of Country Oaks, it was a nice switch to be more out in the open. We took walks often, enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.  

Love when the leaves start to change!
What a difference from Country Oaks!
Part of the seasonal section
Another view of the seasonal area
Callie loved being outside on the grass!
Awesome HUGE fire pits!
Small fishing pond
Office/ store

Next up: Wedding Time!  I’m trying to wait for the professional photos – but I’ll post if it seems like it is taking long.  After that – AMAZON! 

10 thoughts on “Southwest PA

  1. Wow, super nice! A thought just occured to me, Callie must be one of the most well traveled cats around!! Can’t wait for the wedding shots. The pictures already posted are great, and you say that there are even better ones?!? Oh ya, it looks like you’re finally monetizing your blog through Amazon, hopefully they’ll offer products that compliment the RV market.

    1. Hey! Callie is a very well traveled kitty for sure! She is generally content in her crate on travel days, rarely does she complain. Raskal used to voice his displeasure more often, but he was pretty good about it too. Cocoa used to love being in the truck – she was always ready to go!
      I’m sure the professional photographer got better shots than Jay! If not – Michelle needs to get a refund!
      As far as Amazon – we have just the general link you can look for anything you want – and we can also pick stuff to feature that is relevant to the post. So keep our link in mind when ordering!

  2. Great pictures. Can’t wait to see the next post. Have a great relaxing day before you start Amazon.

    1. I’m telling you – having a planner at the venue, plus Michelle being so organized – helped a lot!

    1. Hey Jim! Bill will be picking and yes – I’ll be in pack!

      We do love Ohiopyle! It’s such a great little town and very scenic! We’ve done white water rafting on the Youghiogheny River – what an awesome time that was!

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