Why you need a Dashcam

I came across this video today (on Thanksgiving Day) and remembered feeling extremely relieved and thankful that I didn’t run into the back of that car. This could have ended much differently if I was distracted and didn’t react instantly by slamming on my brakes.

You can view the video here.

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We love our dash cam as it provides peace of mind to document an accident. This could help determine who is at fault and may save you money. There are to many distracted drivers out there. There are also many committing insurance fraud my purposely slamming on their brakes causing you to hit them. They then claim a neck or spine injury and settle out of court with your insurance company. Your insurance company pays the claim and raises your rates. Without a witnesses, it is your word against theirs. A dash cam can come to the rescue in these situations!

It also documents your travel through beautiful vistas. It’s very small and doesn’t obstruct your vision.

The experience made me think about how life is short and your life as you know it can change in a heartbeat. So today on Thanksgiving Day we are both extremely grateful for our families. Also, our RV families. We have met so many people on the road. We took a couple minutes to list the people we met on the road and would go out of our way to met up with and had over 100 people on the list!

We are truly blessed!


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8 thoughts on “Why you need a Dashcam

  1. Thank God you are alright! People really need to be educated about how trucks and RVs are heavy and cannot stop on a dime. We are constantly being cut off like that and it’s very scary! A dash cam is a great idea.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. nearly got a motorcyclist that way. He cut in front of us, no longer could even see him. I looked over the dash from my copilot seat and saw he was nearly leaning against our rig. we were stopped at a stop light in Hill City,SD.. I guess he wanted to get ahead of us, though he had a special route set up and blocked to cars and RV’s. This was during Sturgis week of course.

    1. Glad you didn’t hit him! Bill rides sometimes and I am so afraid because I know he isn’t as easy to see!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving guys! 100 people on your list you would go out of the way to meet up with – now that’s exciting especially for those of us wanting to meet likeminded people.

    I’ve been at hundreds of traffic accidents over the years while on the job. Most are caused by inattention and speed. Those rear-end collisions are hard ones to work and hopefully include a witness. In this case the camera would be an awesome witness and I’d write a ticket on the spot to the driver that cut a large trailer off. It’s careless and imprudent driving on their part. Of course if the cop knows what they are doing they can also look at the angle of impact based on damage to the vehicles and debris dropped on the road. And they can look at tire skid patterns or chatter (where the tire is pushed sideways).

    A lady struck the rear end of my unmarked patrol car at a stop sign a few years ago. She pushed my car forward about five feet and the impact caused the rear view mirror to fall off. There was debris from the initial impact about five feet behind where the initial impact occurred. I took photos and pointed this out to the investigating officer. He did not even note it in his report which is terrible because that was part of my formal statement as to what happened. He took no photos but I also knew his in-car camera would have caught it. Anyway, went to court as the other driver’s license was suspended. She no-showed. The judge called me to the bench to actually apologize the other driver did not show up and he issued a warrant. Had she showed in court there would be two issues for her to address. Was her license suspended and did any of my actions contribute to the accident. The officer’s report sucked and I would have my photos to prove what happened.

    Point is, I agree having your own witness or evidence is highly likely to be used in court. Because officers who just assume a rear-end collision was caused by the driver in the rear is no way to investigate a traffic accident.

    Have a great day. Karen bought ribs from a great KC barbeque for todays meal. Going unconventional. Best Thanksgiving is with family. Close second was just me, Karen and our daughter taking a road trip one year. Ate with a bunch of strangers at a family restaurant. Was awesome.

    1. Thanks Mark – for confirming how important it is for us to have the dash cam! My only regret is not having it sooner (to record the views while we drove through all the awesome places we’ve been!).
      I’d say not showing up for Court is just one thing towards proof that she was guilty and knew it – had no defense – was prob looking at her phone! I’ve seen that so many times!
      We’ve had ribs many years for Christmas! We asked the kids one year and that’s what they wanted, so it became our tradition.

  4. I was pleased to note that the dashcam also records audio. I oftentimes use a litany of four letter words towards stupid drivers – they can’t hear me but it makes me feel better. Perhaps an audio recording dashcam is just what I need to break that habit.

    If I make that leap I think I’ll also consider upgrading my horn to an air horn/train horn kind of apparatus. I’ll need that other driver to feel the horn in depths of their soul (they knew they were wrong – they might as well feel it too).


    1. Yea – I get it! The fact that I only said “wow!” Is pretty amazing! I agree – that type of horn would be a great addition! I will seriously be considering that now! Thanks for reading!

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