Peak is Upon is!

Our time here in Campbellsville is more than half way done – and while we are looking forward to getting out of here and warmer temps – it’s too early to actually start counting down.

We have officially survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday, supposedly the busiest shopping days of the year, and also the official start of Peak 2017! Those days were busy – I’m not sure I’d say extra busy, but it’s truly hard to comment accurately since Black Friday was an “all hands on deck” day, so more people to handle any additional work load.

Before I get into how this week has been, I want you all to know it isn’t just work, work, work.

The featured pic (the one above the title) is of the sun coming up, taken from Heartland RV Park, on one of our days off.

Bill and I gathered with 10 others for Thanksgiving at Creek Side Family Restaurant, here in Campbellsville. We enjoyed a delicious buffet that included traditional favorites, such as, turkey, ham, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, dinner rolls and gravy. The $10.99 per person also included a full salad bar and dessert. Coffee and soft drinks were extra, but reasonably priced.

Bill & I, Tracy & Lee, Harry & Vicki, Sandy & Andy (from our RVillage Gathering), Jerry & Linda (who we first met in AK at Renfros) and Steven & Linda.

We’ve also been to the College a couple of times, with Happy Hour here to get things started.

Around the room, starting on the left – Linda, Linda, Vicki, Harry, Jerry, Steven, Me! Bill was behind the camera.

Linda and Steven hosted a holiday gathering at their place. They served a delicious meal of beef tenderloin, green beans and roasted potatoes. Dessert was homemade Buckeyes and Bourbon Balls!

Back to Amazon stuff – did I get reassigned to the Loft? The story is much longer and I was originally planning a drawn out version of it; a real blow-by-blow (it involved a special bond with my manager since we both wore pig-tails for “Crazy Hair” Cyber Monday – really not that – just he wanted everyone trained in rebin available upstairs), but the short answer (or to quote Bill’s frequently used lingo – “long story short”) is yes – I’ve been officially and permanently assigned; as much as anything is “permanent” at Amazon, to the Loft! Multi’s and Rebin all day long!

It’s been a fairly good week, as much as it can be at Amazon, with one HUGE negative! Well, negative for US – huge positive for Steven & Linda! Today, as I type at 5:42AM – is their last day! They have decided to move along – flat-leaving us here in Campbellsville!

It is an odd thing, us working today, since it is Friday. We were supposed to have MET (mandatory extra time) yesterday, but got “the call” from Carlos (C’Ville manager) Wednesday, that it was cancelled. Bill and I got on the “Hub” and signed up for half day today. Actually, I signed up for half- day, Bill signed up for a full day by accident. Once you sign up – you can’t back out – unless you leave early and take an attendance point, which he is going to do. More on the why of that in another post – just know for now it involves water where it doesn’t belong.

Speaking of Wednesday – it was my BIRTHDAY! Yes, another year in the book of Kelly has been written! I had to work, of course, since it was a regularly scheduled day. There was actually VTO (voluntary time off) offered at the end of first quarter, but if I had taken that, it would mess up my MET (which got cancelled anyway – but I didn’t know it then.)

Later in the day, while on 3rd quarter break, we heard they were offering VTO again, Bill and Tracy were both there and encouraged me to take it – so I did! I was so excited!

I got home and sat outside a while. Steven & Linda eventually wandered over with an unexpected gift. They are so awesome!

That’s a bottle of sparkling wine – can’t wait to open it!

Bill and I walked home today, after punching out at 11:30 – how cool is that? I’ve got to say, I don’t mind the 5 hour MET days, it’s just that last 5 hours (bringing the week total up to 50) that are the really tough ones.

Before I get into the current Amazon trends for the week – I want to give a shout-out to my friend and fellow Amazonian, Tracy, and her blog Camper Chronicles, as she and her husband, Lee, wrote an awesome post about the details of picking. Check it out and read all about it.

You guys may be wondering about what is trending this year at Amazon. I can tell you with certainty, even though I didn’t look it up at all, Echo’s were on sale! How do I know? I, personally, rebinned or packed at least 100, and I’m not exaggerating! Some were singles (I packed singles half of one quarter one day), some were 2 or 3 per order, I saw a few orders with 20! The woman at the station next to me packed 35 for one order! That’s a lot of Echo’s!

I see plenty of underwear and socks during the day, every day! Plain old tighty-whiteys for men, as well as fancy ones with “dual pouch technology” – yes – really! Bra’s of every variety, from huge everyday, double reinforced styles to the skimpiest ones that are for private show-and-tell only. Hats, scarfs and gloves/mittens, (including the always popular C.C. Brand), Columbia jackets in all sizes, colors and styles (fleece jackets, rain jackets, hats.) “Puffer” jackets are flying off the shelves and landing at my station, they are memorable because the easiest way to pack them is to lean down on them to squeeze out the air before stuffing them into a poly-mailer bag.

Bathrobes are coming in totes more and more often now – from the kind that are made from towel material, to the plush velours, to the satin ones that match the show-and-tell bra’s mentioned above.

There aren’t as many toys here in C’Ville as last time, at least I haven’t seen as many yet. I have packed some, including Melissa and Doug toys, which are awesome! So well made – someday when I have grandkids – I will buy them Melissa and Doug toys! Princesses are still popular, as are WWF fight dolls. The best I’ve seen so far have been 2 pack Barbie’s – first one is Astronaut Barbie and Science Officer Barbie, and the other President and Vice President on the Ticket Barbie’s! How cool is that?

Guess that’s enough for today! Hope you’ve all been enjoying my blog! If so, you can receive an email each time I post by signing up using the link below. It’s easy and you won’t miss anything! And don’t forget to visit and like our Facebook page.

14 thoughts on “Peak is Upon is!

    1. Thanks! Having friends here to be with on our time off is the best part of Amazon! And yes – dual pouch – can’t make this stuff up!

  1. Happy belated birthday Kelly! So nice to be able to spend Thanksgiving with lots of friends when away from family. Knowing most of you it’s also got to be lots of fun working and playing together too!

    1. Thanks Steve! The outside of work part is awesome – the rest – not so much – but we are getting through it!

    1. Thanks! Most of them have to go into N3 or K3 boxes because they took away our PM4 bags. Something about them causing 30% of all conveyor shut downs. I would love to see someone cut the tape on the box and watch it pop out!

  2. Kelly happy belated birthday. Sounds like it was a good one. Hard to believe Christmas is just three weeks away. Thanksgiving looked nice with lots of friend around. Have a good week.

    1. Thanks Chris! Christmas being 3 weeks away means less than that til we are in FL! YAY!

  3. Loved spending your birthday with you!! Thanks for the shout out. We are in the home stretch now

  4. WAH! We miss you guys so much! What a great time we had being neighbors and celebrating holidays and birthdays. Your remaining time will fly by and soon you’ll be heading out to enjoy the holidays with family!

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